What are the prospects of handicraft business of UK

Unit 11 Research Project - Handicrafts Industry Assignment Help - Unit 11 Research Project - Handicrafts Industry - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)
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Unit 11 Research Project - Handicrafts Industry - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)

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Task 1: Project Planning and Research Proposal

Research proposal

Title of the project: Adoption of technology in the Handicrafts Industry of UK

Objectives of Research: The main objectives of the research are:

To identify the current status of handicrafts industry in UK
To find out the development of technology and the opportunity for the success of business in the industry
To identify the implications of technology on the future of handicraft industry of UK

1.1 Rationale and Background of the project

1.2 Background of research

Research questions:

The main questions to be answered in this research are:

What are the prospects of handicraft business of UK in the country and globally?

What technologies can be adopted to enhance the business of handicrafts in UK?

1.3 Literature review

1.4 Methodology of research

1.5 Action Plan and Gantt chart

Task 2

2.1 Plan and specify the resources required to conduct the research project

2.2 Undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures.

3.1 Describe and evaluate factors that affected the achievement of your project

3.2 interpret and analyze the results

3.3 recommendations and areas for further research

Unit 11: Mastering the Handicrafts Industry Project (Level 5 Diploma)

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Focus on:

  • Define your niche: Narrow down your research within the vastness of handicrafts. Will you study a specific craft, region, or market aspect (e.g., sustainability, digital marketing)?
  • Develop a compelling research question: Frame your inquiry to drive your investigation. What challenges or opportunities does the industry face? How can your research benefit artisans or businesses?
  • Methodology matters: Choose appropriate research methods (surveys, interviews, case studies) considering ethical considerations and data accessibility. Mix quantitative and qualitative methods for a richer picture.
  • Analyze with depth: Go beyond just describing data. Uncover themes, trends, and patterns. Connect your findings to existing research and industry insights.
  • Recommendations that resonate: Provide actionable, evidence-based suggestions for improvement, innovation, or policy changes relevant to your research question.


  • Context is key: Frame your research within the wider economic, social, and cultural landscape of the handicrafts industry.
  • Local heroes: Leverage local resources - artisan communities, industry experts, cultural hubs - for valuable data and insights.
  • Storytelling power: Use visuals, case studies, and engaging language to bring your research to life and capture your reader's interest.

By honing your focus, employing diverse methods, and delivering insightful recommendations, you can transform your handicrafts industry project into a powerful exploration that contributes to its vibrant future.

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