Identify the reasons for of Faisals employment

Unit 3 Human Resource Management Chicken Master Assignment Help - Unit 3 Human Resource Management Chicken Master, level 4 Diploma in Business
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Unit 3 Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Chicken Master

Task 1:

Question 1: Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving examples in two suitable organisations.

Question 2 Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organisation in achieving its purpose.

Question 3 Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organisation or familiar organisation and how it supports human resource management functions.

Question 4. Analyse how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management.

Task 2:

Question 1 Analyse the reasons for human resource planning

Question 2 Outline the stages involved in planning human resource requirements

Question 3 Compare the current recruitment and selection process in the organisation with another organisation you recommending

Question 4 Evaluate how effective is the organisation recruitment and selection techniques with another organisation you recommending.

Task 3:

Question 1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what connects the two.

Question 2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

Question 3 Assassin different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

Question 4 Examine the methods Virgin Media or your chosen organisation use to monitor employee performance.

Task 4:

Question 1 Identify the reasons for of Faisal's employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explainother reasons for cessation of employment.

Question 2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organisation of your choice

Question 3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organisation such as The Chicken Master if Faisal's claim was proven to be true.

1. Identify Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • What are the specific tasks or questions your assignment addresses?
  • Are there any case studies or scenarios involving Chicken Master's HR practices?

2. Research Relevant HR Concepts:

  • Depending on your assignment focus, delve into topics like recruitment, training, performance management, staff motivation, or legal aspects of employment.
  • Utilize trusted sources like textbook chapters, academic journals, HR websites like CIPD, and official government resources.

3. Analyze Chicken Master's HR Practices:

  • Apply your research to the specific context of Chicken Master.
  • Analyze existing information about their recruitment process, training programs, employee incentives, or any relevant case studies provided.
  • Identify potential strengths and weaknesses in their HR strategy.

4. Address Specific Tasks:

  • If your assignment asks for comparisons, compare Chicken Master's practices with another organization in the fast-food industry.
  • If it requires recommendations, propose improvements or solutions based on your analysis and research.
  • Ensure your answers are well-supported by evidence and relevant sources.

5. Structure and Proofread:

  • Organize your assignment logically, following any specific formatting guidelines.
  • Use clear and concise language, avoiding jargon and ensuring proper citations.
  • Proofread meticulously for accuracy and professionalism.


  • Seek guidance from your tutor or lecturers for specific clarifications or feedback.
  • Don't plagiarize! Use your own understanding and interpretation of HR concepts.
  • Focus on applying your knowledge to analyze and evaluate Chicken Master's HR practices.

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