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Unit 1 Business and Business Environment - IKEA Assignment Help - Unit 1 Business and Business Environment - IKEA - Level 5
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Unit 1 Business and Business Environment - IKEA - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)

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Part 1

Question 1 Presentation

Question 2 Explain the relationship between the different organisational functions and how they are link to the organisational objectives and structure

Task 2

Short essay

Question 1 Identify some positive and negative impacts of the macro environment on the business operations.

Question 2 Conduct an internal and external analysis to identify its core strengths and weaknesses.

Question 3 Explain how these strengths and weaknesses are linked to the external macro factors.

Question 4 Apply some analysis models to develop an in-depth understanding of the impact of the macro environment as well as to justify how this affects organization's decision-making processes.

This assignment explores the different aspects of the business environment, with a specific focus on IKEA. Topics covered include the external environment, the internal environment, and the strategic management process. The assignment also analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of IKEA, and the opportunities and threats facing the company.

The assignment is designed to help students understand the key concepts of the business environment, and to apply these concepts to a real-world business context. It is a valuable resource for students who are interested in a career in business.

Here are some of the specific tasks that students will complete in this assignment:

  • Identify the different components of the external environment.
  • Analyze the internal environment of IKEA.
  • Develop a SWOT analysis for IKEA.
  • Formulate a strategic plan for IKEA.

This assignment is a challenging but rewarding way to learn about the essential skills of business analysis and strategic planning. It is a valuable addition to any student's portfolio, and it can help students to gain a competitive edge in the job market.

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