Unit 7 Business Strategy - Tesco PLC - Level 5

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Unit 7 Business Strategy - Tesco PLC - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)


a) Company Profile, Mission and Vision statement, Goals and objectives, Core Competencies

b) Analyse the factors that have to be considered to formulate strategic plans. How does the Ansoff's matrix help your chosen firm to manage the strategic decision to consider strategic plan

c) Evaluate the effectiveness of strategic planning techniques to be used when developing strategic business plan.


a) Conduct an organizational audit of the chosen business. How the evaluation of Porter's five forces model in the perspective of your chosen organization is useful for business environment and strategic positioning.

b) Explain the significance of stakeholders' analysis while formulating new strategy of your chosen business.

c) Present a new strategy for the chosen business based on organizational audit and stakeholders analysis


a) Evaluate appropriateness of alternative strategies relating to market entry, substantive growth, limited growth or retrenchment of your chosen organization

b) Select an appropriate future strategy and justify why you selected that strategy for the chosen business organization


a) Analyse how you would plan for the implementation of the strategy in the perspective of following issues:

i) The roles and responsibilities for strategy implementation in the chosen organization

ii) Identify and evaluate resource requirements to implement a new strategy for the chosen organization

b) Evaluate the contribution of SMART targets to the achievement of the strategy implementation of the chosen organization

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