Analyzing the reasons for human resource planning

Unit 21 Human Resource Management - Jet Airlines Assignment Help - Unit 21 Human Resource Management - Jet Airlines assignment help - level 4 Diploma in Business
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Diploma in Business - Unit 21 Human Resource Management - level 4

Human Resource Management - Jet Airlines

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Task 1:

Question 1 Difference between personnel management and human resource management

Question 2. Assessment of how human resource management functions help Easy Jet in achieving its purpose

Question 3. Evaluation of roles and responsibilities of line managers in Easy Jet airlines

Question 4. Analyze how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management.

Task 2:

Question 1 Analyzing the reasons for human resource planning

Question 2 Stages involved in planning human resource requirements

Question 3 Comparison of recruitment and selection process in Easy Jet and British Airways

Question 4 Effectiveness of recruitment and selection process in two organizations

Task 3:

Question 1 Relation between reward theory and motivational theory

Question 2 Job evaluation process that determine pay in Virgin Media

Question 3 Impacts of reward system on Virgin Media

Question 4 Methods to monitor performance of candidates

Task 4:

Question 1 Reasons of employee cessation

Question 2 Employee exit procedures

Question 3 Impact of legal and regulatory frame work on employment cessation

Unit 21 of the Level 4 Diploma in Business focuses on Human Resource Management (HRM), a critical aspect of organizational success. This module delves into the principles and practices that drive effective HRM, encompassing topics such as recruitment, employee development, performance management, and employment law compliance. Students gain insights into strategic HR planning, workforce diversity, and employee relations, which are crucial in fostering a productive work environment. Assignments in this unit typically involve analyzing case studies, creating HR policies, and proposing HR strategies to address real-world challenges. By completing this unit, learners will be equipped with valuable skills to handle HR responsibilities and contribute to business growth.

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