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Assessment - Game Assets and Development Work

Develop a collection of 2D art assets for a notional game. You will be asked to come up with your own game concept, based on a Brothers Grimm fairytale of your choice. You will need to conceive of a setting / game world based on the fairytale you have chosen, and develop a story scenario as well as basic gameplay objectives. These will provide a starting point for visual research and the generation of a variety of compelling designs for characters and environments.

Include a short written reflection explaining which fairytale you have chosen and how it has informed your game concept and the type of assets you have created. Also, briefly discuss the visual style of your asset work. For the visual style you can go for a classical fairytale illustration style, but equally choose any other art style you would be interested in exploring (e.g. a steampunk version of Hansel and Gretel, a contemporary version of Little Red Riding Hood, a noir version of Cinderella etc.).

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Game assets are any digital resources that are used to create a video game. This includes everything from 3D models and textures to audio files and code. Game assets can be created by in-house artists, sound designers, and programmers, or they can be outsourced to external contractors.

Game assets play a vital role in game development. The quality and quantity of assets can have a significant impact on the overall look, feel, and performance of a game.

Here are some of the most important types of game assets:

3D models: 3D models are the digital representations of the characters, objects, and environments in a game. They are created using specialized software such as Maya, 3ds Max, or Blender.
Textures: Textures are applied to 3D models to give them their appearance. They can be created using a variety of software tools, such as Photoshop or Substance Painter.
Audio files: Audio files include everything from sound effects to music. They are created using audio editing software such as Pro Tools or Audacity.
Code: Code is used to create the gameplay logic and functionality of a game. It is written using programming languages such as C++, C#, or Java.

Game assets are typically created in a sequential order, with each step depending on the previous one. For example, 3D models need to be created before they can be textured. And textures need to be applied before the models can be animated.

The development of game assets can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, it is essential to create high-quality assets in order to create a successful game.

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