Market forces shape the organizational response

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Unit 1 Business and Business Environment

Global Factors of Business Environment

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Lo 1 organizational purpose of businesses

Question 1 Purpose of different type of organization

Question 2 Extent to which stakeholders objectives are met in an organization

Question 3 Responsibilities of organization and strategies employed to meet them

Lo 2 national environment of business

Question 1 How economic systems attempt to allocate resources effectively

Question 2 impact of fiscal and monetory policies on business and their activities

Question 3 impact of competition policy and other regulatory mechanisms

Lo 3 understand behavior of organization in marketing environmnets

Question 1 market structures detemine the pricing and output decisions

Question 2 market forces shape the organizational response

Question 3 business and culturl environment affect the behavior of an organization

Lo 4 global factors shaping the national business activities

Question 1 significance of international trade in uk business organizations

Question 2 impact of global factors on business organizations at uk

Question 3 impact of eu policies on business organizations at uk

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