How organizational theories have influence on practice of management

Unit 3 Organisations and Behaviour – TESCO Assignment Help - Unit 3 Organisations and Behaviour – TESCO - Level 4 Diploma in Business
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Program: Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 3 Organisations and Behaviour - CAPCO & TESCO

Level: Level 4

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Task 1
Question 1 Compare and contrast CAPCO's structure and culture with another organisation of your choice. Show the differences and similarities in these two organisations.
Question 2 Explain how the relationship between CAPCO's structure and culture can impact on the performance of its operations.
Question 3 Discuss the factors which influence individual behaviour in CAPCO or in any organisation of your choice.

Task 2
Question 1 Compare the effectiveness of the different leaderships at CAPCO and any other organisation of your choice.
Question 2 Explain how organizational theories (e.g. scientific management and human relations theory) have had influence on the practice of management.
Question 3 Evaluate the different approaches to management used by CAPCO and your chosen organisation.

Task 3
Question 1 Discuss the impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation within period of change.
Question 2 Compare the application of two motivational theories (e.g. Maslow's & Herzberg theories) within organizational setting.
Question 3 Explain the necessity of managers to understand and apply motivation theories within the workplace.

Task 4
Question 1 Explain the nature of groups and group behaviour within CAPCO or your chosen organisation.
Question 2 Discuss factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork within CAPCO or your chosen organisation.
Question 3 Evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within CAPCO or your chosen organisation.

This unit explores the key concepts of organizational behavior and management, with a focus on Tesco. Topics covered include the nature of organizations, organizational structure, culture, leadership, motivation, and teamwork. The assignment will require students to research and analyze the organizational behavior and management practices of Tesco, and to make recommendations for improvement.

Here are some of the specific tasks that students may be asked to complete:

  • Define the nature of organizations and explain the different types of organizational structures.
  • Describe the cultural dimensions of Tesco and how they impact employee behavior.
  • Analyze the leadership styles used by Tesco managers and their impact on employee motivation.
  • Recommend ways to improve teamwork and cooperation within Tesco.

This assignment is designed to help students develop their understanding of organizational behavior and management, and to apply their knowledge to a real-world case study. It is a valuable opportunity for students to gain practical experience in these areas, and to develop their skills in research, analysis, and problem-solving.

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