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Unit 3 Organisations and Behavior– CAPCO Ltd Assignment Help - Unit 3 Organisations and Behavior- CAPCO Ltd, Level 4 BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business
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Program: BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 3 Organisations and Behavior- CAPCO Ltd

Level: Level 4

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Task 1

Question 1 Compare and contrast CAPCO's structure and culture with another organisation of your choice. Show the differences and similarities in these two organisations.

Question 2 Explain how the relationship between CAPCO'S structure and culture can impact on the performance of its operations.

Question 3 Discuss the factors which influence individual behaviour in CAPCO or in any organisation of your choice.

Task 2

Question 1 Compare the effectiveness of the different leaderships and styles at CAPCO and any other organisation of your choice.

Question 2 Explain how organisational theories (e.g. scientific management and human relation theory) have had influence on the practice of management.

Question 3 Evaluate the different approaches to management used by CAPCO and your chosen organisation.

Task 3
Question 1 Discuss the impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation within period of change.

Question 2 Compare the application of two motivational theories (e.g. Maslow's and Herzberg theories) within organisational setting.

Question 3 Explain the necessity of managers to understand and apply motivation theories within the workplace

Task 4
Question 1 Explain the nature of the groups and group behaviour within CAPCO or your chosen organisation.
Question 2 Discuss factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork within CAPCO.
Question 3 Evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within CAPCO.

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