Unit 1 Travel and Tourism Management - Level 5

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Unit 1 Travel and Tourism Management - Level 5 (Diploma in Travel and Trousim)

Task - 1

P1 Understand the history and structure of the travel and tourism sector

P1.1 - Explain key historical developments in the travel and tourism sector

P1.2 - Explain the structure of the travel and tourism sector

Task - 2

P2. Understand the influence of local and national governments and international agencies on the travel and tourism sector

P2.1 - Analyse the function of government, government sponsored bodies and international agencies in travel and tourism

P2.2- Explain how local and national economic policy influences the success of the travel and tourism sector

P2.3- Discuss the implications of political change on the travel and tourism sector in different countries

Task - 3

P3. -Understand the effects of supply and demand on the travel and tourism sector

P3.1- Explain factors affecting tourism demand

P3.2- Explain how supply has changed to meet the effects of demand

Task - 4

P4. -Understand the impacts of tourism

P4.1 - Evaluate the main positive and negative economic, environmental and social impacts of tourism

P4.2 - Explain strategies that can be used to minimise the negative impacts while maximising the positive impacts

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