Unit 6 Contemporary Issues in Travel and Tourism - level 4

Unit 6 Contemporary Issues in Travel and Tourism Assignment Help - Searching Unit 6 Contemporary Issues in Travel and Tourism assignment help services - level 4 for typical assignments?
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Diploma in Travel and Tourism - Unit 6 Contemporary Issues in Travel and Tourism - level 4

Task 1:

1.1 Analyse issues currently driving change in the travel and tourism sector for a selected tourist destination. You have to include at least three issues and give detailed explanation of the issue and its impact on the travel and tourism sector.

1.2 You should analyse at least two different current issues using appropriate methods and resources in depth focusing mainly on the impact of political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, terrorism and counter-terrorism measures, severe weather, local and international laws.

Task 2:

2.1 You should evaluate current trends influencing change in the UK travel and tourism sector. Your information pack should include latest available statistics regarding the number of tourists and main tourism markets in UK. You need to make use chart, data and text tables.

2.2 Your company wants to expand into the niche tourist market. You should analyse a current trend using appropriate techniques and resources and produce a fact sheet to be included in your information pack. You need to analyse one niche tourism market and provide detailed description about it, including reasons for its increasing popularity, and most recent travel statistics. You should include data and text tables, and charts in the fact sheet.

Task 3:

3.1 Analyse how International Airlines Group businesses could respond to change.

3.2 Develop strategies on how International Airlines Group businesses such as British Airways, Iberia, Vueling and Aer Lingus could respond to change. You need to select and develop strategies for at least two businesses. Provide detailed explanation of your strategies.

3.3 Justify strategies for how selected International Airlines businesses could respond to change. Your strategies in 3.2 needs to be clearly justified with supporting arguments

Task 4:

4.1 Discuss the likely consequences of businesses failing to respond to market change with reference to Myla Travel, Thomas Cook and The Travel Network Group.

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