Unit 24 Understand Learning Process - level 5 in business

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Unit Name: Unit 24 Understand Learning Process

Level: level 5 in business

Task 1
Bloom's Taxonomy of learning and how different domains of learning apply to learning in health and social care

Task 2
1. At what stage did Elma start Kolb's Learning Cycle?
2. What did she do in respect of each of the subsequent stages of cycle?
3. What was Elma's learning from the experience?

Task 3

Part 1
a) The concepts of learning style
b) The factors that can influence the effectiveness of learning development

Part 2
a) Use the VARK system to Assess own preferred learning style
b) Analyse influences on own learning in relation to learning theory

Task 4
a) Suggest a strategy you will use in delivering and assessing learning outcomes
b) Based on this training need; explain the barriers to learning with the workplace.
c) How can you identify individual learning needs
d) Evaluate the approaches you use to support individual learning needs in HSC
e & f) Workplace learning programme (3.1) and relevant teaching strategies to support the learning of others for a health and social care workplace (3.2)

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