Unit 13 Personal And Professional Development Employees And Students - level 4

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BTEC Higher National Diploma In Business - Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development - level 4

Personal And Professional Development Employees And Students

Task 1:

1.1 Explain the characteristics of self-managed learning and evaluate how learning through research, and learning from others (e.g. mentoring, coaching, seminars, conferences, secondments, interviews, use of internet, social networks etc.) can enhance self-managed learning?

1.2 As a manager of an organisation of your choice, propose ways in which you would encourage lifelong learning in personal and professional context for your employees?

1.3 Evaluate the benefits self-managed learning brings to yourself and your chosen organisation?

Task 2:

2.1 Evaluate your own current skills and competencies by drawing up a two columned chart listing (1) your strengths and (2) your weaknesses. This should be relevant to your present job or studies and should reflect professional standards required in your organisation or college.

2.2 Draw up a two columned chart and list (1) your opportunities and (2) your threats relevant to your present job or studies. Those will encourage you to think about career prospects and future opportunities. This external analysis of your own personal job market should help you to extend and prioritise the areas of skill development you want to focus on?

2.3 Discuss what mechanisms and programs are there in your organisation (or college) to help you to

Assess your job requirements, current competence and training requirements?

Identify and plan relevant training and development activities?

Task 3:

3.1 Discuss how you could learn formally and through training in your organisation. Discuss how observation, mentoring, supervision and tutorials would help you to achieve your career goals and implement your personal and professional development plan created in Task 2.

3.2 Undertake two Development Goal activities that you have planned in Task 2.6 document and present them with Personal Development Journal (PDJ) entries.

3.3 Consider a situation in the past when you have had to give feedback to someone about their performance or behaviour?

Task 4:

4.1 Required: Make a plan showing PASS (Purpose, Audience, Structure, and Style) factors, for a covering letter to be sent to the long-term clients with the brochure that shows the range of your new services?

4.3 Deciding upon prioritise of time in business world is most essential factors this work is the important part in generating core competencies in the business environment. A manager need to book calendar appropriately as per the required circumstances. There are table given as below in order to understand the bifurcation of each and every time schedule.

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