Unit 4 Marketing Essentials- Level 4

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Unit 4 Marketing Essentials

Level 4

Task 1.1

SWOT analysis

Analysis of various factors that affect the business of the organisation in a particular market.

Task 1.2

The definition of the marketing objective



Task 2.1

Marketing operations

Macro environmental factors

Economical factor

Political factor

Cultural factor

Micro environmental factors




Task 2.2

Geographic segmentation

Demographic segmentation

Behavioural segmentation

Psychographic segmentation

Task 2.3

Discuss about the target market and its related factors.

Task 2.4

Define the process or the set of processes the customers go through while buying a product or service of Starbucks.

Task 3.1

Marketing mix

Define the factors on which its marketing strategies are focused.

Task 3.2

Distribution Channels

Task 3.3

pricing strategies

Task 3.4

Promotional activities

Task 3.5

The 4 Ps of the marketing mix

Task 4.1

Consider the market segment of Starbucks containing the youths of ages between 18 and 24. The product which is used to focus on this segment of the market of Starbucks is the range cold beverages of Starbucks.

Task 4.2

The marketing operations of a product and a service

Task 4.3

Domestic marketing

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