Assess Project Leadership requirements and qualities

Unit 6 Managing a Successful Business Project Assignment Help - Unit 6 Managing a Successful Business Project - Higher National Diploma in Business (Level 5)
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Unit 6 Managing a Successful Business Project - Higher National Diploma in Business (Level 5)

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Task 1

Question 1 Describe the Background and Principles of Project Management

Question 2 Appraise the Viability of Projects, developing Success/Fail Criteria

Question 3 Explain the Principles behind Project Management Systems and Procedures

Question 4 Explain the Key Elements involved in terminating projects and conducting Post Project Appraisals.

Task 2:

Question 1 Identify the most appropriate organisational structure, roles and responsibilities of participants within a project.

Question 2 Control and Coordinate a Project

Question 3 Assess Project Leadership requirements and qualities

Question 4 Plan and Specify Human resources and requirements for a project.

Task 3:

Question 1 Prepare Project Plans and establish the Project Organisation

Question 2 Apply Project Scheduling, Estimating and Cost Control techniques

Question 3 Analyse the methods used to measure project performance

Question 4 Explain Project Change Control Procedures, evaluate the completed project

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