Qualification - Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Unit Name - Professional Engineering Management

Unit Number - Unit 35

Unit BTEC Code - 21034K

Assignment Title - Project Leading and Communication

Learning Outcome 1: Develop effective leadership, individual and group communication skills

Learning Outcome 2: Develop personal commitment to professional standards and obligations to society, the engineering profession and the environment.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to develop the individual and communication skills and effective leadership along with personal commitment to professional standards towards obligation to society, the engineering profession and the environment.

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Executive Summary

In the project implementation phase, it is required to over lead the project deployment with appropriate skills professionally which requires right kind of leadership and effective communication skills. The aim of this report is to answer to the questions in relation to effective leadership, management and communication skills together with personal commitment to the profession standards in the direction of obligation to engineering profession, society and the environment

Task 1 After completing the implementation plan for your project, the role goes into implementation and follow up. The project engineer needs a number of skills to manage the project and lead it to success. Describe steps you should take to persuade and negotiate effectively with stakeholders.

As a project engineer, you must exhibit effective leadership skills through which you can lead the team and communicate effectively with stakeholders. Explain steps through which you can effectively manage group meetings. Then while handling the leadership of the team, evaluate leadership skills and effective communication skills by using specific examples in an organizational context.
Teamworkers may be disappointed or poorly performing, so how can you provide a critical assessment of effective ways to train and guide these colleagues.


This task explores the way to develop the effective group and individual communication skills and effective leadership. Once the project moves into the phase of deployment and follow up, the project engineer requires variety of skills to tackle the issues in the project to proceed in a successful way for which the clear communication ability and effective form of leadership is essential to establish work patterns and culture in the working environment.

The steps required to negotiate and persuade with stakeholders effectively

In the working environment, there is possibility of opinion differences, attitude differences and other conflicts to occur. It requires the persuading and negotiation skills with effective form of communication skills to reach an agreement with customer relationship, clients or managing others. The persuading deals with convincing others to take apt actions and the negotiation deals with discussion and attaining a mutual fulfilment agreement.
The steps required to persuade and negotiate the stakeholder are
Listen carefully and remember that all wants something
Assess the reasoning logic
Stick on to the facts
Begin early and have a proper plan
Communicate in business terms
Experience on particular subject
Lean on somebody
Issues to be clarified through why, how, when, where and what queries
Recognize the main issue
Identify any common ground areas
Recognize the external factors which are influencing the issues
Maintain patience and employ assertive rather than violent behaviour.
Employ diplomacy and tactics to diffuse tension

The steps to effectively manage group meetings and assessing leadership styles and effective communication skills through organisation context examples

The management skills and effective leadership skills are more helpful while working with or handling the groups or monitoring others. In order to motivate and influence the group of people and attain a specific objectives or goal the ability called leadership is significant.

The majority of people link leadership with autocratic, directive or democratic style of approach with followers dictating the task to others or being the lead. The project manager must take responsibility for accountability and task completion and should ensure the presenters are on point and prepared well on the assigned task.

The leadership and effective management of the project indulges the key person to
• Set mission and objectives
• Undertaking initiatives
• Be able to organise, direct and motivate others
• Taking responsibility for the team directions and actions for a particular project in work
• Preserving while things are not performing well
• Undertaking an optimistic behaviour to failure or frustration
• Being flexible
• Being ready to set objectives in the light of changing scenarios

Evaluation of Leadership skills and communication skills with specific example in an organisation context

For the effective leader, the style of leadership and communication skills are must. In fact, the business success relies on it. The leader is one who increments change through empowering the people to work towards common goals and inspires positively and the leader's major significant tool for doing so is the communication skills. The effective form of communication is essential to get trust and align hard work in the goals pursuit. When an organisation is focused, the effectiveness of manager is based on the influence level of leaders. It denotes that the influence is the leadership essence. To enhance the leadership qualities, the eight communication skills are required to be efficient in the leadership role.
Developing the personal brand of leadership style - autocratic, democratic, delegative
Active listening
Better understanding and acknowledging the feels, experiences of employees
Capability to ask open ended questions
Focus on body lanagauge
Obtaining and implementing the feedback
From the above, the effective leadership is entirely based on the communication for organisational right direction, motivation and implementation of business plans.

The critical evaluation of effective ways to guide and train the poorly performing or disappointed team workers

In order to guide and train the poorly performing and disappointed colleagues, the underlying ways are represented.
Obtaining informal feedback from the managers and peers
Self assessment questionnaire
On the job observations
Evaluating the actual job KPIs (key performance indicators)
Allowing priority to the teamwork
Direct communication
Issue pinpointing and seeking advice
Employing reciprocity law
The above stated ways are to be followed to assess the performance of the colleagues and can deploy the poorly performing or disappointed work forces into the on the job training if necessary.
The steps to make an effective presentation

The steps to make an effective presentation include the following
The team workers sometime may be performing poorly or disappointed, hence, it is required to offer critical evaluation of effective means to guide, mentor and train the colleagues involves the underlying steps
The view of offering the presentation loads some people with fear, where as others delights in the experience. Presenting the work to a meeting is significant portion of professional life for academics and engineers. The presentations are right way to directly articulate to people who are willing to participate for the project execution phase to collect information to drive the projects forward and develop high personal links. The underlying points support the effective way of presenting the information.

• Study and know the audience
• Take time to get ready thoroughly
• Develop the content in the logical structural and clear form
• Present the information for particular audience
• Focus on knowledge sharing reachability
• Structuralize the communication or presentation systematically
• Avoid panic
• Employ the style of spoken English rather than the written English'
• Practice and prepare and run through the presentation

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Task 2

The project engineer must take into consideration the responsibility toward the society in multiple directions, such as taking into account the preservation of the environment and the values of the community, which is one of the elements of the stakeholder.

Discuss how your planning for the project has addressed this aspect of social responsibility. What are the ethical standards of the engineering profession and the types of behavior that you should take into consideration when you are implementing the project towards the environment, society and stakeholders?

One of the tasks of the project engineer is to observe continuous professional development. What are the ways in which the engineer can participate in continuous professional development? It is important for you as an engineer to be active in keeping up with the development and progress of engineering profession. , What is your evaluation and justification for this?

Solution: This task explores the way to develop personal commitments towards the obligations and standards of professional's engineers towards the engineering profession, environment and the society. The project engineer should undertake the focus on the duties in the direction of society in various directions like environment preservation, community values as it is one of the parts of stakeholders

The way in which the planning for the project addresses the social responsibility aspect

The project planning part should focus on the social responsibility to act in the best way towards the society and environment to embrace the optimization of shareholders value and the project plan must not disturb the environment and the society. The social responsibility of engineer's has to deal with protection of environment, social justice issue considerations and society safety in the design of engineering. In the project plan the strategies are to be framed to safeguard the environmental and social concerns and responsible to the globe. It is not necessarily to be the initiation of CEO but also the project manager to introduce social responsibility in the project and promote social goodness inside the organisation through the work breakdown structure. If the social responsibility is executed properly, it will benefit the organisation along with the society.

Consideration towards the engineering profession behaviour patterns and ethical standards

This part considers the engineering profession behaviour patterns and ethical standards while evaluating the process of project execution towards the environment society and stakeholders.
The basic principles of engineer conduct involves honesty, truth and trustworthiness in the service to the organisation and the society and the ethical and honourable practice represent the courtesy, fairness and good faith towards the colleagues, clients and others. The ethics in engineering is the moral principles system which is implemented to the engineering practice. The system examines and represents the engineer's obligations towards the society, profession and clients. The set of expected behaviours which have global appeal to the teams of project includes

• Taking care of others with respect and dignity
• Constantly share information and knowledge
• Promote and support inter and intra departmental teamwork
• Recognize and focus the requirements and impacts of individual's own tasks on others
• Exhibit an ability to resolve problem and take decisions timely
• Dealing with conflict resolution
• Balances among the work - life
• Seek and obtain feedback actively for improvement
• Stress management and self improvements

The ways in which the engineer can indulge in continuous professional developments

One of the core tasks of the project engineer is to indulge in constant professional developments. Being a professional and a part of project requires the responsibility to improve skills set and recognizes to improve it often through identifying the requirements and executing development activities, applying the learning skills, reflecting the learning and sharing the learning's with others, identification of resources and involving in actions which equip and increase the skills and knowledge via service learning, community service, workshops, conferences, training and lecture series.

Evaluation and justification on it is significant for an engineer to be active in keeping up with the progress and development of engineering profession

The statement is valid as the good engineer always wants to be challenged and requires growing and they learn creative skills and attain new heights in development and progress. The scientists and engineers needs to safeguard the environment in terms of innovating new concepts, renewable and recyclable energy resources, sustainable environment, etc to make sure the better life style to the present and potential generations for which the engineers has to upgrade the progress and developments in their engineering profession.







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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria




LO3 Develop effective leadership, individual and group communication skills

D3 Critically evaluate effective ways for the coaching and mentoring of disillusioned colleagues or of a poorly performing team.

P5 Describe the steps for effective persuasion and negotiation.


P6 Explain the steps for managing effective group meetings.

M3 Evaluate leadership styles and effective communication skills using specific examples in an organisational context.

P7 Outline the steps to deliver an effective presentation.



LO4 Develop personal commitment to professional standards and obligations to society, the engineering profession and the environment.

D4 Evaluate and provide justifications on why it is necessary to be active and

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