Targeting strategy for the electronic items in Tesco

Unit 4 Marketing Principle - British SME Assignment Help - Unit 4 Marketing Principle - British SME - Level 5 Diploma in Business
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Program: Diploma in Business (Marketing)

Unit Name: Unit 4 Marketing Principle - British SME

Level: Level 5

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Task 1
Question 1 Various elements of the marketing process adopted by British SME's
Question 2 Evaluate the benefits and costs of a market orientation to British SME's
Question 3 Influence of macro and micro factors on marketing decision of British SME's
Question 4 Differentiation between international marketing activities and domestic marketing activities

Question 3.1 Explain how products are developed by British SME's to sustain competitive advantages
Question 3.3 Setting the prices for products
Question 3.4 Promotional activities in British SME's
Question 3.5 Three additional marketing mix for British SME's for marketing the services

Task 2
Question 2 Segmentation criteria Tesco use for the products in different markets
Question 3 Targeting strategy for the electronic items in Tesco
Question 4 Buyer behaviour affects marketing activities of Tesco in various buying situations
Question 5 Positioning of the electronic products

Question 1 Marketing mix for two different segments in Tesco
Question 2 Differences in marketing products and services to Tesco in contrast to consumers

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