what is the role of Rio in Brazilian Carnival festival

Unit 11 Research Project - Brazilian Carnival Assignment Help - Unit 11 Research Project - Brazilian Carnival - Level 5 (Diploma In Business)
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Unit 11 Research Project - Brazilian Carnival - Level 5 (Diploma In Business)

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Question 1. Formulate and record possible research project outline specifications?

Title- Brazilian Carnival Festival

Question 2 Identify the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection?

Question 3 Undertake a critical review of key references about Brazilian Carnival Festival?

Question 5 Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research specification?

Question 4 Produce a research project specification?


Question 1 Match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis?

Hypotheses and assumption

Question-1 what is the role of Rio in Brazilian Carnival festival?

Question-2 what are the famous act done during the Brazilian Carnival festivals?

Question-3 what are the most effective outcome of Brazilian Carnival for Brazil?

2.2 Undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures?

2.3. Record and collate required data?


Question 1 Use appropriate ‘research evaluation techniques'. Which types of evaluation (formative or summative) is more appropriate for your research? Why?

Question 2 Interpret and analyse the results in terms of the original research specification by using ‘Frequency' and/or ‘Percentage' calculations.

Question 3 Make recommendations and justify areas for further consideration customer satisfaction in easy Jet or Ryan air.

Task-4: Poster

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