Unit 3 Health and Safety in HSC Workplace - level 4 in business

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Unit Name: Unit 3 Health and Safety in HSC Workplace

Level: level 4 in business

Part 1 Assignment

Task 1
Q1. In order to ensure that Bob is cared for in the residential care home, explain how principles of support are applicable to this care
Q2. Analyse the benefits of using a person centred approach for Bob
Q3. What will be your role, responsibilities, accountabilities and duties in relation to Bob's circumstance within and outside the care home
Q4. Outline the procedure for protecting clients, patients and colleagues from harm and evaluate the effectiveness of interpersonal working

Task 2
Q5. Explain your understanding of ethical dilemmas/conflict that has risen in providing care and supporting Mrs. Helen

Part 2 Assignment

Task 3
Q6. Explain how you have implemented policies, legislation, regulations and codes of practice in significance to your own work in health and social care

Q7. Explain how local policies and procedures can be developed in accordance with national and policy requirements and evaluate the impact of these policies and procedures on organisational policy and practice.

Q8. Explain the theories that accentuate health and social care practice

Q9. Analyse how social processes such as isolation and exclusion, marginalisation impact on users of health and social care services

Task 4
Q10. Evaluate own contribution to the development and implementation of health and social care organisation policy

Q11. Make recommendations to develop on your own contributions

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