Games Development BTEC Level 3:

This academic course provide a platform for computer scientist and software developers and who have keen interest in the improvement and development of gaming programmes for computer games from  a analytical/technical ( rather than artistic) point of view. Those who loves playing and developing computer games and always get astonished how high graphics games are designed created and developed then this course is perfectly suitable for you.

Learners will get an understanding and they can enhance their various numbers of skills that will assist them in coding and making trending games for the different gaming engines or on variety of the platforms. You are supposed to discover or explore to games mechanics, environment design and level design from programming, various gaming or coding scripting, and games engine creation and design making. In this course you are supposed to complete various activities and a extensive range of individual based and team-led gaming related projects/ assignments, as well you will improve and develop a effective and firm portfolio related to HE study, Apprenticeship curriculum study or for employment.

This course will assist students in developing their skills which will help them in achieving a promising career or best jobs in the game projects or industry as a post of games head technologist, extended level gaming specialist programmer, games designer/developer, gaming engine handler or developer, indie games programmer, coder, developer and more. 


Students are required to have at least a minimum following academic certification of 5 GCSEs with the following mentioned grades: English 4 and maths at 3 or above, and 3 other GCSEs grade 4 or above.