Health and Social Care Research Essay Assignment

Assessment Number 1 : Written Essay

Assignment Title: Using Evidence

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes




LO1:  Identify characteristics of Quantitative and Qualitative research methods

Written Essay

(Assessment 1)

LO3:  Examine evidence in an objective way, with consideration to validity and reliability.

Written Essay

(Assessment 1)

LO5:Gather evidence from charts, graphs and tables, from text and online sources and present

Written Essay

(Assessment 1)

Assessment Brief:
In order to demonstrate your understanding of how research contributes to evidence based practice, you are required to examine a particular area of Health or Social Care practice. You will be required to produce a plan of your essay to discuss at your tutorial.

Written Essay

Your 2,000 word essay will be expected to address the following:

Investigate the research carried out making reference to a wide variety of text and on-line sources. This will be represented in your referencing and bibliography.

the literature reviewed you will be required to consider the arguments for a change in, or improvement to practice. What has initiated the need for change and/ or improvement?

With reference to at least two examples of research findings consider the validity and the reliability of the evidence gathered.

Discuss the methods used to gather the data. What were they? Is there evidence to show that the sample was appropriate for the type of research carried out?

Assessment 2

Assessment Number 2: Oral Presentation

Assessment Title: Using Evidence

Oral Presentation
7 minute oral presentation of your paper to peer's which:

Gives a brief overview of your investigation of the research examined

Explains how this might influence improve health and social care practice

Assessment 3:

Assessment Number 3: Work-Based Portfolio

Assessment Title: Reflection &Work Based Competency Framework

Learning Outcomes:


Learning Outcomes




LO4:  Demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between research theory and health and social care practice.     

Work Based Portfolio

 (Assessment 3)

Assessment 3
Please seek further guidance from your tutor /practice trainer regarding the competency framework. You will be required to achieve a level 6 in all of these competencies.







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