Unit 41 Programming in Java - Level 5

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Unit 41 Programming in Java

Level 5

Task 1: Understands the principles of programming in Java

1.1 Briefly list and discuss three main features of programming in Java

1.2 What do we mean by BYTECODE and JVM in Java and thus discuss the environmental flexibility of programming in Java?

Task 2: Design Java solutions

2.1 Design a Java programming solution to the rental system by using use-case diagrams that show interaction of user with the system.

2.2 Identify the components and file structures required to implement the rental system.

2.3 Use UML class diagrams to show the classes in your system, attributes and operations of each class and the relationship between classes.

Define clearly each class, main methods and properties

Task 3: Implement Java solutions

3.1 Implement the CD/DVD rental system solution based on your design.

3.2 Implement classes using inheritance relationship.

3.3 Use methods and attributes in different classes using instances/objects.

3.4 Identify and implement opportunities for error handling and reporting

3.5 Make Effective Use of An Integrated Development Environment (Ide) Including Code and Screen Templates.

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