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Qualification - Pearson Higher Nationals in Computing

Unit Number and Name - Unit 16: Cloud Computing

Assignment Title - e-COM Telco

Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of Cloud Computing and its architectures.

Learning Outcome 2: Evaluate the deployment models, service models and technological drivers of Cloud Computing and validate their use.

Learning Outcome 3: Develop Cloud Computing solutions using service provider's frameworks and open source tools.

Learning Outcome 4: Analyse the technical challenges for cloud applications and assess their risks.

Assignment Brief

Follow the guidelines given below assuming that you have recently joined as a trainee systems administrator for the e-COM Telco, which is specializing in Telecommunication and other ICT services in the country.

Scenario: E-COM Telco


The e-COM Telco is a telecommunication company that provides telecommunication, web hosting, DNS hosting, storages, virtualization, IT outsourcing, DR sites and other ICT facilities for citizens, which has more than four million client base.

Since 1985 e-COM Telco has been providing day to day ICT services for diversified client tale including multinational companies, government sector, private institutions, non-profit organizations, universities, Schools, community-based organizations and individuals.

The company is having number of data centres around the country and DR sites outside the country. They have state of art server farms in few locations which can fulfil any requirement to any scope in the country. They also have human resources required to provide services including solution architects, systems engineers, systems administrators, Consultants and technicians.

Note on assumptions to be made: Organisation's Technical trainees will be assigned to project groups, to be placed under a technical and developmentexecutive and are required to produce documentation in the form of reports of their assignedactivities. Technical trainees are required to provide evidence to the top management that they have been able to demonstrate technical skills and have identified the need for continuous technical development of the company on a report titled "Implementation of Cloud facilities to diversified clients of e-COM Telco".You can assume different type of cloud requirements of different clients by providing acceptable reasons.

Take following in to consideration when developing the "Implementation of Cloud facilities to diversified clients of e-COM Telco".

You have been asked to support your technical and development executive with the researching, planning and implementation of a Cloud solution for the existing diversified clientele of e-COM Telco.

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Part 1

Identify fundamental concepts of Cloud Computinghighlighting why an organization should migrate to a Cloud Computing solution.How should an organization protect their data when they migrate to a cloud solution? Critically discuss.

Design an appropriate architectural Cloud Computing framework for the scenario by identifying different needs of cloud solutions for diversified groups.

Your answer should include;
• Analysis of evolution and fundamental concepts of Cloud Computing
• Discuss why it is important to migrate to a CloudComputing solution

Part 2

Evaluate an appropriate deployment model for e-COM Telco client base by comparing service models. Justify the tools chosen to realise the Cloud Computing solution.Compare the service models for choosing an adequate model for a The e-COM Telco.

Part 3 - Practical Observation Sheet








Configure a Cloud Computing platform with a cloud service provider's framework.




Implement a cloud platform using open source tools.



Part 3.1 and 3.2 should be supported with necessary evidence.

Critically discuss the issues and constraints one can face during development process by suggesting how to overcome the same.

Part 4

Analyse the most common problems in cloud environments and discuss solutions accordingly. Further you have to assess the most common security issues in cloud while discussing appropriate solutions.

Critically discuss howThe e-COM Telco should protect their data when they migrate to a cloud solution for their clients.

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