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Unit Name: Unit 2 Marketing Essentials

Level: level 4 in business

Marketing Principle Assignment

Task-1 Asia seen as strategically important for McDonalds

1.1 Briefly explain the various elements of the marketing process organizations like McDonald's can adopt?

1.2 Identify the orientation that McDonald's has adopted to serve the market, and evaluate the benefits and costs for adopting that market orientation?

1.3 Describe how macro and micro environmental factors can influence McDonalds marketing decision?

1.4 Explain how and why international marketing differs from domestic marketing in case of McDonalds?

Task-2 HSBC sustainability through effective segmentation, targeting and positioning

2.1 Define segmentation and propose different segmentation criteria which HSBC can use for its products/services in different markets?

2.2 Identify the different targeting strategies organizations can choose from and propose a suitable targeting strategy HSBC can adopt for a selected product/service.

2.3 Explain positioning and propose changes HSBC needs to adopt when re-positioning one of their selected product/service?

2.4 Plan marketing mixes for two different segments that HSBC caters for.

2.5 Illustrate differences in marketing products and services to businesses in contrast to consumers

2.6 Demonstrate how buyer behavior influences marketing activities of HSBC in different buying situations?

Task-3 Emirates Airline marketing mix

3.1 Explain how Emirates Airline has developed its products/services to sustain competitive advantage

3.2 Explain how Emirates Airline distribution is arranged to provide customer convenience.

3.3 Explain how prices are set to reflect Emirates Airline objectives and market conditions.

3.4 Illustrate how promotional activities by Emirates Airline are integrated to achieve their marketing objectives.

3.5 Analyze the importance of the additional elements of the extended marketing mix by Emirate Airline.

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