Procedures for the agreed research specification

Unit 4 Research project - Customer Satisfaction in Easy Jet Airlines Assignment Help - Unit 4 Research project - Level 5 Diploma in Travel and Tourism
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Program: Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Unit Name: Unit 4 Research project - Customer Satisfaction in Easy Jet Airlines

Level: Level 5

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Task - 1
Research Proposal

Research title - Customer satisfaction
Question 1 Formulate and record possible research project outline specifications.
Question 2 Identify the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection
Question 3 Undertake a critical review of key references about ‘customer satisfaction' and ‘influential factors on customer satisfaction'
Question 4 Produce a research project specification.
Question 5 Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research specification.

Task - 2
Question 1 Match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis.
Question 2 Undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures
Question 3 Record and collate required data?

Task - 3
Question 1 Use appropriate ‘research evaluation techniques'
Question 2 Interpret and analyze the results in terms of the original research specification

Understanding Your Unit 4 Research Project: Customer Satisfaction in EasyJet Airlines

It seems you're working on a research project about customer satisfaction in EasyJet Airlines for your Diploma in Travel and Tourism. To provide the most helpful information, I'll need some additional details:

1. Specific Requirements:

Are there any specific instructions or guidelines provided for this project? Knowing the project's scope, objectives, and expected deliverables will help me tailor my response.
Are you required to use a specific research methodology (e.g., surveys, interviews, data analysis)?

2. Your Focus:

What aspects of customer satisfaction are you particularly interested in exploring? Are there specific areas you want to analyze (e.g., price, service quality, communication, baggage fees)?
Is there a specific time frame you're focusing on (e.g., recent trends, pre-pandemic vs. post-pandemic)?

3. Existing Resources:

Have you already identified any relevant resources (e.g., academic papers, industry reports, EasyJet customer reviews)? Sharing these will help me avoid suggesting redundant information.

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