Define and contrast the different definition of marketing

Unit 4 Marketing Principles - Vodafone Assignment Help - Unit 4 Marketing Principles - Vodafone, Level 4 Diploma in Business (Marketing)
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Unit 4 Marketing Principles - Vodafone - Level 4 Diploma in Business (Marketing)

Company Background: Vodafone is the world's major mobile telecommunications corporation in UK which has the employee base of about 65000 employees and has about 130 million customers.

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Week 1 Define and contrast the different definition of marketing and elements that compose marketing process

Contrast of different definitions

Composition of the Marketing Process

Week 2 Different market orientation and benefits and cost of adopting a marketing orientation

Week 3 Macro and micro environment impact on the marketing decision of Vodafone

Week 4 Define, compare and contrast the concept of buyer's behaviour in the B2B and B2C

Week 5 Product screening" segmentation, targeting and positioning

Week 6 The product development process and comparison of different pricing strategy

Question a) Definition of concept of Product in marketing, process of new product development, gaining competitive advantage through product portfolio creation

Question b) Comparison of different pricing strategies and Significance of Price Discrimination

Week 7 The purpose of distribution and how it is customer-focused and IMC process of the Vodafone

Question a) Purpose of Distribution and its focus on customers

Question b) Assessment of IMC Process

Week 8 The creation of two different marketing mix for two different segment for product and service

Week 9 Difference of marketing products and services

Week 10 Difference between the domestic and international marketing

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