Hospitality and wider travel and tourism businesses

Unit 12 Hospitality in Travel and Tourism Assignment Help - Unit 12 Hospitality in Travel and Tourism - Diploma in Travel and Tourism
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Unit Name: Unit 12 Hospitality in Travel and Tourism

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Task 1
Introduction to the chosen organization

Question 1 Explain the role of hospitality industry within the travel and tourism sector. Discuss the interrelationships between hospitality and wider travel and tourism businesses.

Task 3

Question 1 Develop a rationale for your chosen project, clearly justifying decisions linked to target market.

Question 2 Develop a plan for a hospitality business which includes the operational requirements of the business' organizational structure in relation to human resource allocation.

Unit 12 Hospitality in Travel and Tourism is a core unit in the Diploma in Travel and Tourism. The unit covers a wide range of topics related to the hospitality industry, including:

The different types of hospitality businesses
The role of the hospitality industry in tourism
The importance of customer service in the hospitality industry
The different aspects of hotel management
The latest trends in the hospitality industry

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