Future developments in e-business revenue models

Unit 29 Internet and E-Business Assignment Help - Unit 29 Internet and E-Business Level 4 BTEC HND in Business
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Program: BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business

Unit Name: Unit 29 Internet and E-Business

Level: Level 4

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Task 2
Question 1: Internet technologies and their importance in making an E-Business successful
Question 2: Explain the main features of HTML
Question 3: Functions of clients-servers, browsers and the role of search engines and its applicability for F&M
Question 4: Use of intranets and extranets within business communications

Task 3
Question 1: Different e-business Revenue models can be used to generate revenue for a business
Question 2: Compare two revenue models by assessing their benefits and challenges
Question 3: Future developments in e-business revenue models

Task 4
Question 1: Use and apply key elements of a good website design structure
Question 2: Evaluate the impact of a well-designed website on an e-business
Question 3: Report on the issues concerning website usability

This unit explores the transformative power of the internet and its impact on business operations. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of:

1. The Scope of E-Business: Identify different types of e-commerce models like B2B, B2C, and C2C, analyzing their strengths and limitations.

2. Internet Technologies: Understand the core technologies that underpin e-business, including HTML, web servers, and online payment systems.

3. E-Business Strategy: Learn to develop effective e-business strategies, including website design, marketing and promotion, and customer service considerations.

4. E-Business Implementation: Gain insights into implementing e-business solutions, including website development, legal and security issues, and managing online operations.

5. The Global Marketplace: Explore the impact of e-business on the global market, considering cultural differences and international trade regulations.

6. Emerging Trends: Analyze the latest trends in e-business, such as social commerce, mobile payments, and artificial intelligence, and their potential impact on future business models.

By completing this unit, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of e-business and leverage its potential for organizational success.

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