Unit 7 Sustainable Tourism Development - Level 5

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Unit 7 Sustainable Tourism Development - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)

Lo1 Understand The Rationale Of Planning In Tourism Industry

1.1 How The Stakeholders Benefit From Planning Of Tourism Developments

1.2 Advantages And Disadvanages Of Public/Private Sector Tourism Planning Partnerships

Lo 2 Understand The Different Apporaches To Tourism Planning And Development

2.1 Features Of Tourism Development Planning At Different Levels

2.2 Significance Of Interactive Planning Systems And Processes

2.3 Different Methods Available To Measure Tourist Impacts

Lo3 Understand The Need For Planning Of Sustainable Tourism

3.1 Concept Of Sustainability In Tourism Development

3.2 Factors That Prevent Sustainable Tourism Development

3.3 Different Stages In Planning For Sustainability

Lo4 Understand The Current Issues Related To Tourism Development

4.1 Resolving Conflict Of Interests To Ensure Future Well Being Of A Tourist Destination

4.2 Implications Of Balancing Supply And Demand

4.3 Moral And Ethical Issues Of Enclave Tourism

Lo 5 Understand The Socio Cultural, Environmental And Economic Impacts Of Tourism In Developing Countries And Emerging Destinations

5.1 Issues Associated With Tourism Development

5.2 Evaluate And Recommend Future Development Of Tourism In These Destinations

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