Music Technology BTEC Level 3

Course description

Music Technology BTEC Level 3: Convert your passion on music into a career. This course lets you learn the sequencing, music production techniques, sound management and composing that are essential for music technologists. The final project in this course encourages learners to create own digital track.

Further, the course gives opportunity to learners to perform in a concern in front of audience and also participate in competitions. Work experience can also be gained. In fact, alumni of this course have had opportunity to learn the technical aspects of music by working in projects like Big Music Project. It also included music courses where external musicians explain music styles as in beatboxing, singing and percussion.

Additional entry requirements

At grade 4(C) or even above, 4 GCSEs are required and this includes Maths and English. If there is no 4(C) or scores in subjects mentioned, it is essential to achieve grade 3(D) or even a complete pass in level 2 with subjects like maths and English.

** For students who have possessed grade 3(D) in Maths or English, it is essential to reappear for that course in 1st year.
Music talent needs to be demonstrated to tutors and then the taster session invite shall be issued to potential students.