Unit 2 Computer Systems

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Unit Name: Unit 2 Computer Systems

P1.1- explain the role of computer systems in different environments such as home, business, computer gaming, education, banking, Communication etc.

P1.2- explain the hardware such as RAM, CPU, HDD etc., software such as win XP, 7, 8, OSX, Windows server 2000, NT, Unix and peripheral such as keyboard, mouse, printer etc. components of a computer system.

P1.3 - Compare different types of computer systems such as super computer, mainframe, microcomputers e.g. personal computers; mobile computers etc.


P2.1- Produce a system design specification to meet a client's (Smith Solicitor) needs.

P2.2- Evaluate the suitability of a system design specification for Smith Solicitor.


P 3.1 - Build and configure a computer system to meet Smith Solicitor a design specification.

P3.2 - Test and document a Smith Solicitor's computer system


P4.1 - Perform routine maintenance tasks on a Smith Solicitor's computer system

P4.2 - Upgrade the hardware and software on Smith Solicitor's computer system.

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