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Unit Title: IMS 706

Unit Code: Research Methods and Proposal

Level: 7

Assessment Title: AE1 Research Proposal

Assessment Type: Report

Restrictions on Word Count: 3000 words

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Assessment Task

All projects start with a plan; your final project should not be an exception. Therefore, you are tasked to design and write a research proposal related to a maritime subject (shipping, offshore drilling, port management, sea-borne logistics, ship safety/pollution prevention etc.) of your choice. Your work must be based on current events, industry trends or other important changes within the business and legislative environments; and must be supported by relevant academic and practitioner sources.

Your assignment for this unit is designed to be the launching point for your full dissertation. Your research proposal must thus outline how you propose to conduct the full research and what are your expected findings. The research proposal should contain the following sections:

Proposed Introduction

  • Emergence of the research question
  • Importance of the research question/justification for the research project
  • Formal research aim
  • Formal research objectives (typically between 3-5)
  • Justification of the project structure, explaining how it will enable addressing the objectives

Proposed Literature Review

  • References that have already been consulted, needed to help substantiate the justification of your research
  • Further references identified as useful, to be used once the literature review reaches its final form

Proposed Research Methodology

  • Research design (i.e. type of study)
  • Research approach (Deductive/Inductive)
  • Research strategy (Qualitative, Quantitative or combination thereof)
  • Sampling and methods of data collection
  • Methods of data analysis
  • Timetable for all of the above (preferably via GANTT chart)

Proposed Bibliography

  • List of references actually used in your project proposal
  • Further reading (remember to keep these two separate)

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Research Proposal Topic:

Mental health, Hygiene and well being of seafarers:

The Case Study of Andriaki Shipping and Hydroussa Navigation

Research Aim: The aim of this research is to further explore the means and procedure which the shipping companies and organization could enhance or adopt in order to improve seafarers' wellbeing on board vessels. The focus is on traditional Greek shipping company's tanker and dry bulk ship management companies.

Research Questions:

The research questions that have been formed are the following:

Question 1: What means have the shipping companies adopted over the years in order to ensures seafarers' wellbeing?

Question 2: How can the wellbeing of the seafarers can be improved?

Question 3: How is the wellbeing, health and hygiene related to mental health?

 Question 4: What is mental health?

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