Practical Issues in Human Resources Management

Unit 22 Practical Issues in Human Resources Management Assignment Help - Unit 22 Practical Issues in Human Resources Management - level 4 Diploma in Business
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Diploma in Business - Unit 21 Human Resource Management - level 4

Practical Issues in Human Resources Management

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Task 1:

Question 1. Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving examples in two suitable organisations.

Question 2. Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organisation in achieving its purpose.

Question 3. Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organisation or familiar organisation and how it supports human resource management functions.

Question 4. Analyse how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management.

Task 2:

Question 1 Analyse the reasons for human resource planning

Question 2 Outline the stages involved in planning human resource requirements

Question 3 Compare the current recruitment and selection process in the organisation with another organisation you recommending.

Question 4 Evaluate the effectiveness of the organisation recruitment and selection techniques with another organisation you recommending.

Task 3:

Question 1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what connects the two.

Question 2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

Question 3 Assess in different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, and motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

Question 4 Examine the methods Virgin Media or your chosen organisation use to monitor employee performance.

Task 4:

Question 1 Identify the reasons for termination of Faisal's employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explain other reasons for cessation of employment.

Question 2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organisation of your choice.

Question 3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organisation such as The Chicken Master if Faisal's claim was proven to be true.

Unit 22 Practical Issues in Human Resources Management is a core unit of the Level 4 Diploma in Business. It focuses on the challenges and opportunities that HR managers face in the contemporary workplace.

Some of the key topics covered in this unit include:

Managing a diverse workforce: HR managers need to be able to effectively manage employees from different backgrounds and with different needs. This includes understanding and addressing issues such as discrimination, unconscious bias, and inclusion.

Adapting to change: The workplace is constantly changing, and HR managers need to be able to help their organizations adapt to these changes. This may involve developing new training programs, changing organizational structures, or implementing new technologies.

Promoting employee engagement: Employee engagement is essential for organizational success. HR managers can promote employee engagement by creating a positive work environment, providing opportunities for development, and recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions.

Ensuring compliance: HR managers need to ensure that their organizations are compliant with all relevant employment laws and regulations. This includes areas such as health and safety, equal pay, and discrimination.

Your assignment for Unit 22 Practical Issues in Human Resources Management is likely to require you to research one or more of the topics listed above and apply your findings to a real-world scenario. For example, you could be asked to:

  • Write a report on how Tesco manages a diverse workforce
  • Develop a training program to help employees adapt to technological change
  • Design a survey to measure employee engagement
  • Conduct a risk assessment to identify potential areas of non-compliance

No matter what topic you choose, your assignment should be well-written and well-argued, and it should demonstrate your understanding of the key challenges and opportunities faced by HR managers in the contemporary workplace.

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