Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness pathway) BTEC Diploma Level 3:

This course assists learners in achieving a qualification which helps students to achieve progress in the university courses, apprenticeships or the sports coaching or fitness industry. Various topics are covered under this discipline including sports coaching and acting as a leader or leadership, development of sports, testing fitness measures and performance in practical sports.

During this course students can develop their skills and knowledge of sports. You will understand how sporting bodies and communities work, , the anatomy of the body, sport organization and development, training various fitness experts and testing its quality and developing your skills to become an successful sports coach or leader.  To take a par in team sports students will get an opportunity and in other sports related activities and there is huge chances to get success in related qualification/awards, including Fitness Instructor at level 1 and 2,Emergency First Aid, FA level 1 Football Coaching award, and Community Sport Leaders Award level 2. 

On the basis of complex written and properly word processed given assignments, oral technical presentations, essays, practical assessments and witnessing statements a students' performance will be judged on this course. Although this course do not follow any final examination pattern, but to test your theoretical knowledge various short test assessment will be held. In different well known fitness studies and sports centers you could have entered for employment, as an fitness coach or as fitness instructor or a core member of management team. It is required to have degree or foundation degree in a sports related subject. 


At least a minimum of five GCSEs grade A*-C, also including math's and English language, and most preferably it should be in science & PE or a more higher level of degree participation in rigorous sporting curriculum or activities, or a merit grade at level 2 qualification in overall, including maths at level 2 and English.