Unit 5 ACNB

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Unit 5 ACNB

Task 1: This task requires to identify the different terms involved while forming a contract.

1.1: Peter Abraham Case

1.2: Different types of arrangements may be made through the types of contract:

1.3: Determine the remedy at the time of the breach

Task 2:


Case 1: Case Study Carol

Case 2: Case Study Devi


Case 3: Olley v Marlborough Court

Case 4: Currie v Misa


Case 5: Breach of the contract

Case 6: Providing misrepresented information while creating the contract

Task 3:

3.1 Types of liabilities

3.2 Tort of negligence

3.3 Type of vicarious liability

Task 4:


Case 7: Condition of vicarious liability


Case 8: Rules of vicarious liability

Case 9: Case of Mersey Docks

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