Unit 35 Web Application Development - Level 5

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Unit 35 Web Application Development - Level 5 (Diploma in Computing and Systems Development)

Task 1

1.1 Briefly describe web based application and critically analyze the business advantage

1.2 Critically compare the key differences between JavaScript (Client-side) and PHP (Server-side). Give examples and demonstrate how each will be used to build your solution.

1.3 Demonstrate the web security techniques

Task 2

Task 2.1 Introduction to a design to the online library via wire-framing, mock-ups and sitemap of website

2.2 Design Client server architecture as suitable to the web application. List all technologies required on both side and demonstrate how the client side will communicate data with server side.

2.3 Create a database using MYSQL to use in your web application. Design multiple tables in your database.

2.4 Evaluate different design for the above scenario

Task 4

4.1 Critically review and test the overall performance of webapplication also have to review and test both client side (front end) and server side (back end).

4.2 Verification table to test actual result against expected result and method to identify of discrepancies and demonstrate how you will deal with them.

4.3 Evaluate web application with different users including feedback and also make recommendation for any possible improvements.

4.4 Create user guide and technical documentation for the web application solution.

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