Legal fault of the defendant

Unit 5 ACNB Assignment Help - Unit 5 ACNB - Level 4 Diploma in Business
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Unit 5 ACNB - Level 4 (Diploma in Business)

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Task 1

LO 1.1: Contract formation Peter Abraham

LO 1.2: How contracts formulated with the help of all the contract essentials

LO 1.3: Contractual terms

Task 2

LO 2.1

Case 1 - Agreement

Case 2 - Consideration

LO 2.2

Case 3 - Exclusion clause

Case 4 - Implied term

LO 2.3

Case 5: Law of contract

Case 6: In-nominate terms and the effect ad damages

Task 3

LO 3.1: Similarities and the differences amid the liability in contract and tort

LO 3.2: Nature of the liability of negligence and the major conditions

LO 3.3: Law of vicarious liability

Task 4

LO 4.1

Case 7: Legal fault of the defendant

LO 4.2

Case 8: Massey v Crown Life insurance

Case 9: Ferguson v Dawson Partners (1976).

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  • Management accounting tools: Uncover the secrets of ratio analysis, budgeting, and forecasting to make informed business decisions. (Image of a pie chart representing financial ratios)
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