Evaluate the success of entrepreneurs business organization

Unit 11 Travel and Tourism Entrepreneurs Assignment Help - Unit 11 Travel and Tourism Entrepreneurs - Diploma in Travel and Tourism
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Diploma in Travel and Tourism - Unit 11 Travel and Tourism Entrepreneurs - level 5

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Task 1:

Question 1: Self-assessment of entrepreneurial traits (characteristics) that you may possess and the entrepreneurial skills required to be a travel and tourism entrepreneur.

Question 2: Rank each trait identified and the skills you possess on a 1 to 10 scale and provide a brief explanation on your judgment with some evidence.

Task 2:

Question 1: Select a successful travel and tourism entrepreneur and analyse his or her business development strategy and the entrepreneurial process

Question 2: Evaluate the success of entrepreneur's business organization.

Task 3:

Question 1: Develop a brief business plan

Question 2: Describe your niche travel and tourism business concept, product/service characteristics, market potential, business analysis and operational plan

Question 3: Financial projection and a brief cash-flow analysis

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