Evaluate two techniques of assessing customer response

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Primark Marketing Intelligence

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Task 1:

Question 1: Describe the main stages of the purchase decision-making process for an individual consumer as part of the introduction to your report.

Question 2: Explain the importance of understanding buyer behavior and explain two theories of buyer behavior in terms of individuals and markets. Apply them to Primark.

Question 3: Explain three factors that could affect buyer behavior.

Question 4: Evaluate the relationship between brand loyalty, corporate image and repeat purchase. Examples may be used to reinforce your answer.

Question 5: Evaluate three different types of market research techniques that Primark GB could use in its market.

Question 6: Identify and use sources of secondary data to achieve marketing research objectives and assess the validity and reliability of market research findings.

Task 2: Propose a marketing research plan

Question 1: Provide an assessment of the size and the trends for the fashion industry in the UK.

Question 2: Plan and carryout a competitor analysis for a given organisation

Question 3: Provide an evaluation of Primark's opportunities and threats for a the new shoe product aimed at young consumers in the UK

Question 4: In your plan, evaluate two techniques of assessing customer response.

Question 5: Conduct customer research for Primark on this new shoe. Design and complete a customer satisfaction survey. Your questionnaire should contain a minimum of 12 appropriate questions.

Review the success of the completed customer satisfaction survey in question.

Primark is a leading international fashion retailer operating in over 400 stores across 11 countries. The company is known for its affordable prices and trendy clothing. This assignment will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of Primark's marketing intelligence strategies.

Key Areas of Focus

Analyze Primark's target market and customer segmentation: Identify Primark's primary customer segments and understand their needs, wants, and buying behaviors.
Evaluate Primark's marketing mix: Assess the effectiveness of Primark's product, price, promotion, and place strategies.
Investigate Primark's marketing research methods: Explore the various research techniques employed by Primark to gather market intelligence.
Analyze Primark's competitive landscape: Identify Primark's key competitors and evaluate their marketing strategies.
Develop recommendations for Primark's future marketing strategies: Propose innovative marketing initiatives to enhance Primark's brand positioning and market share.

This assignment will equip you with the knowledge and skills to critically evaluate Primark's marketing intelligence strategies and contribute to the development of effective marketing campaigns.

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