Unit 5 ACNB Solution

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Unit 5 ACNB Solution

Task 1

Lo 1.1: Why contract can be agreements but all agreements cannot be a contract?

1.2: Why legal contracts created with the support of different types of terms and conditions?


  • Condition
  • Warranty
  • In nominate Terms
  • Exemption Clauses

Task 2


Case 1: Case Study Carol and Vendor

Case 2: Devi's father Preston vs George


Case 3: Segment of exclusion clause of contract law

Case 4: Implied terms


Case 5: Key fundamentals that are linked with a voidable agreement

Case 6: Policy of a car

Task 3

Lo 3.1: Explain the term "Tort"?

3.2: Negligence within the contracts of business law and rules

3.3: Vicarious Liability

Task 4

Lo 4.1

Case 7: Case of Mr. Brown


Case 8: Legalized inferences of vicarious liability

Case 9: Legal inferences of vicarious liability in the situation of offense of negligence

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