Unit 5 ACNB Case Study - Level 4

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Unit 5 ACNB Case Study - Level 4 (Diploma in Business)

Introduction: Terms of the contract

Task 1:

1.1: Case Study Of Peter Abraham

1.2: Different types of contract that Peter Abraham may be able to enter

1.3: Assess the performance and breach of the contract

Task 2:


Case 1: Advertisement and promotion

Case 2: Hiring for the position of the cyber security specialist


Case 3: Case scenario couple in restaurant for dinner

Case 4: Contract for the purpose of the renting the premises


Case 5: Policy of the car

Case 6: Void the policy for misrepresentation

Task 3:

3.1: Civil liability

3.2: Tort of negligence

3.3: Liability

Task 4:


Case 7: Vicariously Liability (Hospital and patient)


Case 8: Driver employee of the company

Case 9: Duty of restoring the health and safety guidelines

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