Determine the performance or breach of a contract

Unit 5 Aspects Contract Law Negligence in Business Assignment Help - Unit 5 Aspects of Contract Negligence in Business Law - Level 4 (Diploma in Business)
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Unit 5 Aspects Contract Law Negligence in Business - Level 4 (Diploma in Business)

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Task 1

Question 1 Peter Abraham while creating contracts should ensure that all the elements of a valid contract are included in the contract. No matter which type of contract is created, the elements to be present in the contract are common in nature. These elements are further discussed below:

Question 2 The different types of contract that may be created by Peter Abraham while practicing his profession may be as follows:

Question 3 Every contract so created shall include the terms of a standard contract to be valid in nature. The inclusion of these terms is important to determine the performance or breach of a contract. Peter Abraham may classify the terms of the contract accordingly to claim damages in case of breach:

Task 2


Case 1: Case Study of Carol

Case 2: IT Firm vs Devi


Case 3: Case Couple vs restaurant

Case 4: Tenancy agreement


Case 5: Breach of the condition

Case 6: Damages for the breach of warranty and void the contract for the breach of the condition

Task 3

3.1: Liability arising under the contract law is different from that of the tortuous law

3.2: Tort of negligence

3.3: Liability arising under the tort

Task 4


Case 7: Performing the official duties according to the vicarious liability.


Case 8: Driver and Company

Case 9: Supermarket & employee

Unit 5 Aspects of Contract Negligence in Business Law Assignment Help is a level 4 diploma in business assignment that focuses on the different aspects of contract and negligence in business law. The assignment covers topics such as the formation of contracts, the different types of contracts, the elements of negligence, and the liability for negligence. Students are also asked to research a case study and apply the concepts learned in the unit to the case.

The assignment is designed to help students develop their understanding of contract and negligence law in business. It also helps students develop their research and analytical skills.

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