Unit 19 Marketing Planning - level 4 in business

Unit 19 Marketing Planning Assignment Help - Want Unit 19 Marketing Planning assignment help and online tutor services - level 4 in business?
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Unit 19 Marketing Planning - level 4 in busines

Task 1: Compile marketing audits

A. Outlining the way professional perspectives in marketing planning have changed and developed since marketing first became popular

C. Marketing audit of Pet Delight using models explained above

D. Current capabilities of Pet Delight for planning its future marketing activity

Task 3: Formulate a marketing plan for a product or service

A. Introduction to marketing plan and explaining the importance of marketing planning

B. New product development and the need to be innovative in the market.Review producty development techniques for Pet Delight.

C. Asessment of the current product mix/recommendations for pricing of the product /suggestions for distribution policy

D. Factors effecting the effective implementation of marketing planning

Task 4: Understanding the ethical issues in marketing

A. Explanation of the ways in which ethical issues influence marketing planning

B. Carrying out research to locate examples of the ways in which organsations offering pet food deal with ethical issues in marketing

C. Expalining the meaning of consumer ethics

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