Unit 37 Digital Image Creation Development

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Unit 37 Digital Image Creation Development


In this report, we will be discussing the primary and secondary sources of image. This can be referred to as the first step in the method of understanding the whole process of image data collection, modification, editing and reversal. Beside this, there is a high need to understand both, the technical and aesthetic aspects of digital image. All such factors are well complemented by each other and a well versed method has been used for a transparent understanding of the readers.

In addition to this, illustrations have been provided in order to attain a harmony in having a clear though of the theories of digital image. These are driven by a sound knowledge of photo editor or digital image softwares that are needed to make any needed amendments in the digital images.


1.1 Digital image sources

This is quite natural to claim that a digital image is always derived from artworks; it may also arise from pieces of photographs. Nowadays, the process has become much easier with digital sensors capturing the image in the form of pixels and you can hence obtain a digital image of the same.


Understand Formats and fundamentals of Digital Image Creation



Digital management technique to store imagery

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