Element of Operation Management in Business - level 5 in business

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Unit Name: Element of Operation Management in Business

Level: level 5 in business

Task 1 - The nature and importance of Operation Management and its key elements

1.1 The importance of Operational Management to Supercell

1.2 Need to produce safely on time, cost, quality and within the law in Supercell

1.3 Link between operations management and strategic planning as it concerns Supercell

1.4 Diagram to illustrate a typical business of Supercell:

Task 2 - A report explaining the relationship between operations 95 management and strategic planning

2.1 The ‘Three Es' in Supercell

2.2 The tension between cost minimisation and quality maximization at Supercell

2.3 Significance of the five performance objectives that underpin operations management of Supercell

Task 3 - A report explaining how to organise a typical production process

3.1 Linear programming using any Supercell operations

3.2 Critical path analysis and network planning using any Supercell operations

Task 4 - Relevant techniques to the production of an operational plan for a typical business

4.1 A set of clearly defined operational outcomes using any Supercell operations

4.2 A network plan and indicate the resultant critical path using any Supercell operations

4.3 Explain how quality could be defined and maintained using any Supercell operations.

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