Unit 1 Business Environment

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Unit 1 Business Environment Assignment Help


In this assignment on Business Environment I have selected a company of UK, “Virgin Atlantic Airlines” to discuss on the following aspects. To give a brief description on the company, can be said that one of the premier British multinational airlines organization having operations worldwide, headquarter is in Crawley, UK.

It was established in the year 1984, in the name of “British Atlantic Airways”, founded by Randolph Fields and Alan Hellary. ( Virgin Atlantic, 2016) Though previously it started operation to fly between London and Falkland Islands, now it is operating in almost all the countries like North America, Africa, Asian countries and Middle East. They use Airbus and Boeing wide body aircraft to carry passengers to their destinations. It is a high quality and value for money options to the travelers, won “World Travel Awards as Europe’s leading airlines in North America” in the year 2015.

Task :

Ac 1.1) Explain the purposes of your selected organization and why you think its purpose (reason of existence) is different from either the fire service or the Red Cross in UK.

AC 1.2) State the interest/ objectives of your selected organization’s stakeholders and describe the strategies it is using to meet them. State the types of stakeholders, e.g. employees, their objectives and follow that with the strategies used to achieve this.

AC 1.3) Explain the responsibilities of your selected organization (health and safety, equal opportunities, environment and taxation) to its key stakeholders and describe how they meet these responsibilities. Give instances where these responsibilities and obligation have been met by your selected organization.

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