Unit 18 Hospitality and Provision in TT

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Unit 12 Hospitality Provision in the Travel and Tourism Sector

Unit 18 Hospitality and Provision in TT

Task 1:

P 1.1 Using example of at least two hospitality organizations of your choice we must define vertical and horizontal integration, the benefits of vertical and horizontal integration.

P 1.2 What is hospitality and why is important? Discuss about primary and secondary providers. Discuss the interrelationships between hospitality and wider travel and tourism business.

Task 2:

P 2.1 Analyze the implications of integration to the hospitality industry

P 2.2 Discuss how integration has affected a hospitality business

Task 3:

P 3.1 Develop a rationale for a selected project clearly justifying decisions linked to target market

P 3.2 Develop a plan for hospitality business including the operational requirements of the business organizational structure in relation to human resource allocation.

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