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The study is mainly based on professional personal development as it helps in the professional area of learning is critically important within the ongoing progression within the career of every individual. The study has four different tasks where the self-assessment of the evaluating styles upon the personal development is being stated within the study. In task 2 personal skills and competence is being properly discussed and in task 3 plan for future development is based on the previous tasks. In the section of task 4 personal reflection will be provided summarizing the study.

Table of Contents

  • Task 1
  • Task 2
  • Task 3
  • Task 4
  • References
  • Appendix

Personal Professional Development - Reflective Development Report

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Task 1 Evaluate your learning style and its implications on your personal development.

Solution: Every individual has their own different learning styles it is the process, whichis used to describe the preferential way in which he\she used to absorb, comprehends, retain information and different processes within their mind. It is supposed to depend on various factors such as emotional, environmental, and cognitive factors regarding the type or style that they seem to possess. From the assessment through the provided site, it can be observed the learning style that I am supposed to have is audio/visual learner. The ways from which the audio and visual learner can learn new things andin case of learning things sitting in the place where proper audio comes, using flashcards for learning new words, reading of assignments, stories, or directions in a loud manner (Kennedy, 2016).
Recording of the own voice and listening to the recording and to read anything new or test questions on self by reading them aloud. More the hearing of things will more understanding and learning will be done. Inthe case of being a visual learner, it is required to see pictures or read materials for a better learning experience. Here the seeing of things is required for quicker learning and capturing. In the present case, it is required to be sitting in front of the classroom checking the eyes on a regular basis. Trying to visualize things that are read or seen by them helps intheir better understanding. Writing also helps in learning new ideas, instructions, or words. Drawing pictures that help in explaining the new concepts that will help in explaining the pictures and trying to color code things as well as avoiding distraction during studies help in better understanding new materials easily and simply. In the current hearing and seeing are both important for learning new things.

Learning new skills with a telephone or aniPad after failing multiple to learn the new skills from instructions were then read in order to not waste the time more further. The instruction that would provide to me by the assessment seems to be very much helpful and also enhances the capability of learning in a positive manner. Knowing the proper learning style helps in learning in an enormous manner. It seems to help in knowing that how the brain seems to take data inwards and apply it in education. Learning style helps in better development of confidence within the people. The professional objectives of people can consider being fulfilled with the help of a better learning style. The instruction thatseemed to be provided is to consider providing more such developments and success in the sector of success in the professional perspective.

With the advancing of learning and experience within the workplace, it is also required to develop different skills within the workplace. The continuous professional development by adding more skills within the cart helps in being more competitive within the industry as well as to create better results in the professional life. The analysis of the training needs used to focus upon the organizational goals and objectives and to figure them out is the requirement, which helps in focusing on the various organizational goals and objectives. Organizations those are having regular or proper training programs used to fulfill their overallfuture needs and goals. Training and development needs of the employer are to identify their perspective of choosing proper people those will help the employers to reach the objectives that they used to set for achieving success. It helps the organization to identify or check the extra cost, which seems to be lostby the loss of employees or talents from the organization.

FAQ: Assessing Personal Learning Needs and Opportunities in Employment

  • What is the purpose of this assessment?
  • What are some key aspects to consider?
  • How can I identify my learning needs?
  • What are some learning opportunities available?
  • How can I discuss my learning needs with my employer?

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Task 2 Evaluating your own skills and competence.

Competency is considered to be important which seems to be used within the professional organization also within some higher educational aspects. Competency is concerned with the different combinations of insights of knowledge, skills, and mindset, which can be perceptible in anyone's character. The report that is being prepared used to define my ratings upon the different 16 fundamental competencies in comparison to the people of Western Europe. Incompetency, there is nothing regarding the implication of any form of judgment in terms of value. Working under pressure is the quality that I have and I also know about it along with that planning, organizing, networking, and noticing are some work I preferably used to notice upon. In case of noticing, it is important for employees to be attentive and notice subtle changes within the organization nor will they be surprised or feel uncomfortable from the frequent changes happening within organizations.

Taking any kind of initiative is seems to be below average in my perspective it will create some situations for me in professional working that I can miss lots of opportunities and let other people take the lead. In case of it, development is required and it can bring more success in life. Analyzing is also below average that used to show that I need to put some more pressure on the sector for having a better result. The situation can lead to being confused in case they face complex situations and also becomes blank in connecting the case. In the case of dealing with complex problems within the organization, it can be problematic. For the development, proper distinguishing is required between the opinions and facts properly.

In the case of deciding, here the things need to be weighed up and then a decision should be reached. This factor is also below average and this will consider increasing trouble during the making of complex and vital decisions. Development can be done by using both feelings and reason but also looking for different irrational arguments and by evaluating the decisions properly (Mackay, 2017). Creativity seems to be average and it will help in coming up with new creative ideas, approaches, or solutions. People with great thinking as well original and creative developments can make taken irrespective of anything. More development in the area is required and can be done by imaginingcompletely different possibilities that are out of the world. In the section on planning and organizing, the score is average and it will highlight the different management skills and the proper perception regarding the management of different things or workforces in a proper manner that helps in organizing important setups firmly.

Persevering are such conditions where you should go on in spite of setbacks and score is also below average that indicates it needs more development and setbacks are going to be in. and discouragement is also considered within the people through obstacles. Development and improvement in the sector can be done by getting motivated for the work adequately. In case of flexibility, the score is pretty good and it tends to show that people are able to react flexibly to any problems coming in front of them. In working under pressure conditions also used to be average as per the results which signs that the ability of bei9ng cool in tough and tense situations and to work in a proper manner. Along with that in different skills such as communicating verbally, written communication, helping, networking, checking, leading, self-development and self-management are other factors in which the result is positive and above average, which defines in the concerned factors the skills are great and in the concerned factors positive results are very much important (Darling-Hammondet al., 2017). Continuous development is required in every section in regular intervals so that a more precise professional career can be developed that will help me in achieving success in the future.

The employers encourage taking the training in BIM which help me to enhance the soft skills more appropriately. It is the training in which helps in the better modeling with better planning and helps in enhancing knowledge in the 3D modeling that is also a very demanding topic of today (Dowson, 2015). Basic technical skills were taught for properly creating and manipulating a BIM model. Mainly the employers encouraging the concerned training because the skills those are not enough in myself can be properly enhanced as well as needs proper development that is why the encouragement seems to be right and can be very much preferable. The skills that will become up after using the current training are communication, analytical solution, planning and organizing, initiative, teamwork skills, and problem-solving skills. The concern seems to be lack in the report and the training will beneficially help in regaining confidence in the field.

FAQ: Plan and Manage Your Personal Learning Journey

  • What is a personal learning journey?
  • Why is it important to plan and manage your learning journey?
  • How to plan and manage your journey?

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Task 3 Prepare a plan for future development based on all the information you have put into the first two parts of the assignment.

Solution: A personal development plan is such, which can help anyone to achieve their goals or objectives in a planned period. The personal development plan is used to provide a better focus as well as assist in creating a path towards success in a proper manner. It allows makingappropriate decisions for having great success and prevents any kind of failures or something like that (Klopovaet al., 2018). A clear and better plan seems to be beneficial for mental health and in the case of purposefulness seems to reduce anxiety and stress. The personal development plan seems to prioritize the works, goals and set proper limits for achieving the goals as well as knowledge. The long-term and short-term goals can be taken as per the priority and proper discipline needs to be brought in within the section for having a development plan.

What are my big goals?

Which goals need to happen first?

When do I want to achieve this?

What obstacles might get in my way?

How can I improve my chances of meeting my goal?

Where can I go for support?

Review: How am I doing?

Becoming a manager

Improvement of communication skills, decision-making ability, and more confidence build-up needs to be done along with better problem-solving skills also requires to be acquired. It needs to improve with continuous effort and training. More training needs to be as well better performance during junior posts needs to be done as well as better experience of the working culture is required to be taken.

Acquiring a post of manager in any MNC by the age of 26.

The lack of communication skills, low level of problem-solving attitude can be major problems. A lower score in different major skills those are required for being a leader in any company.

Bringing positivity is the main ingredient for a better and successful life. Starts to communicate with people suitably and profoundly. Losing hope in life is not the way and full confidence is required to be maintained for achieving better results in results. Stay focused on the goal and set small objectives on a daily basis that will help in developing a more positive attitude within the mind.

For the support, mentors are the most suitable person from where help and assistance can get properly, and along with that parents and friends can also behelpful during the time of distress.


Completing projects

Gaining of experience is required within the section and after that, more better selection of projects needs to be done those can provide benefit to the career. Better analysis of tools seems to be done with the proper and better creation of a process in the sector of management. Pilot projects require to be done and also to improve the processes and creating different procedures required for the goal.

I want to complete more than 8 major projects within a span of 3 years.

Insufficient skills and different problems those are present within the sector of having more number of projects. Less experience is also seems to make a difference here in taking photographs.

Proper analysis of the data related to the project is required. Taking and selecting more experienced team members thus the project seems to be more perfect. Communication among the team members is very important and needs to be managed in a very proper manner so that the people are able to complete their work. Depicting of best practices which seems to provide a better scenario in the management of project in a proper manner.

Colleagues are the ones from which I am able to find suitable mindsets those can help me creating better results for the projects.


FAQ: Recording Progress, Feedback, and Responding for Development

  • Why record progress and feedback?
  • What to record?
  • How to record progress and feedback?
  • Responding to Feedback for Development

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Task 4 Reflection of your learning during the course and should be the conclusion to your report. It could include an evaluation of your career goals and discuss in difference between these and the needs of your employer.

Solution: In the study, the different learning styles that I used to have as well as the skills that are present within me and required to the employer. The various methods that were taken for better development in the section of skills were also discussed within the study. The personal development plan is also being executed within the study that is used to highlight the overall professional development techniques within me in an elaborate manner. The career goals are to achieve a post of the manager within an MNC before completing 26. However, with the huge mindset and goals, the problems are also present such as less score in the communication, leading skills, problem-solving, decision-making skills, and better perception skills are missing those are very important for the achievement of success.

On the other hand, leadership, management, pressurehandling, adaptability skills are very promising, and those are the ones, which help in having great results in achieving the goals and objectives in a proper manner. the other goal of completing more than 8 projects in the span of 3 years which helps in gaining huge working experience and the chances of completion of the previous goal can be smoothly achieved through this. In some of the fields were development is required more training is required there and in the field of strength more practice is required to acquire professionalism. Consequently, the report seems to define that mine learning style is auditory and visionary, which shows that I used understand the topic by not only hearing to any topic but also visuals are also required for better and more profound understanding.

FAQ: Evaluating Your Learning for Future Development

  • Why evaluate your learning?
  • How to evaluate your learning?
  • What to consider during evaluation?
  • Planning for the future based on your evaluation

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