Unit 45 Business Ethics - Level 5

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Unit 45 Business Ethics - Level 5 (Diploma in Business)

Introduction: Business Ethics

Task 1

1.1 Background and development of theoretical ethical approaches

1.2 Compare and contract absolute and relative ethics

1.3 Explain the ethics issues which can affect the operational activities of business:

Task 2

2.1 Explain how the business objectives are affected by ethical consideration:

2.2 Evaluate the implication for a business and its stakeholders to operate ethically:

Task 3

3.1 Assess the role of the organization acting as a moral agent:

3.2 Analyse the development of mechanism for achieving employee involvement:

Task 4

4.1 Research current ethical issues affecting a selected business:

4.2 Improvement process of business

4.3 Suitable ethical codes

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