Qualification - Pearson BTEC Level 5 HNC/D Diploma in Computing and Systems Development

Unit title - Wide Area Networking Technologies

Level - Level 5

Assignment Title - Yellowstone National Park

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LO1 Understand the impact of WAN technologies
1.1 critically evaluate different WAN technologies
1.2 critically analyse traffic intensive services and their performance
1.3 discuss WAN concerns and make recommendations to sustain network security, reliability and performance
1.4 critically evaluate different trust systems on a WAN

LO2 Be able to design WAN infrastructures
2.1 design a WAN infrastructure to meet a given requirement
2.2 critically evaluate the suitability of WAN components

LO3 Be able to implement WAN infrastructures
3.1 build and configure a WAN (including services) to meet a given requirement
3.2 implement network security on a WAN
3.3 critically review and test a WAN

LO4 Be able to manage WAN infrastructures
4.1 monitor and troubleshoot a WAN
4.2 resolve WAN issues to improve security, reliability and performance
4.3 critically evaluate the performance of a WAN.

Assignment Brief

As part of the formal assessment for the HNC/D programme you are required to submit an assignment for each module. Please refer to your Student Handbook for full details of the programme assessment scheme and general information on preparing and submitting assignments.

After completing the module you should be able to:

1. Understand the impact of WAN technologies
2. Design WAN infrastructures
3. Implement WAN infrastructures
4. Manage WAN infrastructures

Completing the assignment tasks will demonstrate your ability to do these things. Specifically, each part of each task corresponds to the relevant assessment criterion given at the end of this specification. E.g. task 1 part 1 corresponds with Assessment Criterion 1.1.


Yellowstone National Park is a national park located mostly in the U.S. state of Wyoming with sections crossing into Montana and Idaho. It was first established in 1872 and claims to be the first national park in the world. It covers an area of nearly 9,000 km2 and has a wide range of natural wonders including extensive geothermal features, significant wildlife (bison, bears, bison, wolves, bison, elk, bison, moose, bison, mountain lion, bison, osprey, etc. etc.) Bison are everywhere, regularly stopping traffic and causing "bison jams" around the park. There are large areas of wilderness that are only accessible to humans on foot. Note that this map shows all the roads and villages in the park. There are no other roads (just a few trails and dead ends) and there are no other towns, villages or other man made developments other than those shown on the map.

An extensive programme of updates is being undertaken within the park, in order to provide modern IT infrastructure for both those running the park and for visitors. This assignment focuses on the Wide Area Networking technologies needed to achieve this.

Although the places are real, the rest of the scenario is not. You must use the information provided in this assignment specification to answer the questions. If anything you find out about the real park is different from that presented here, then you must use the information presented here. Reality has been changed to provide a suitable scenario for the assignment. In particular, DO NOT contact the park. They have more important things to do than answer student questions. If you have any questions about this assignment, contact the tutor.

Assignment Task

Task 1 - Guideline length 800 words

Each of the villages (e.g. Grant Village, Fishing Bridge) currently connects to the Internet via an ADSL. This was installed as part of a project sponsored by the US Government to provide Internet access to the entire park. However, these connections will not provide sufficient performance for the requirements of the new infrastructure.

Identify ONE wide area network technology that would be suitable for the villages to connect to the Internet. Explain how this differs from the ADSL currently used and how the park organisation will benefit. You should discuss:

in detail the key technical differences between ADSL and your chosen replacement technology.

in detail the types of traffic that the park might expect on the WAN link that would require the new connection. Remember that this is for park administration and visitor use.

an outline of how the park can ensure that their services are protected from malicious interference via the Internet.

an outline of ONE method that the park authorities can employ to ensure that confidential communications are not compromised when being relayed on the Internet.

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Task 2 - Guideline length diagram plus 500 words

The park's new WAN connections will require the appropriate devices and connection to link into the Internet via a point of presence (PoP) at West Yellowstone, which is by the West Entrance. There are many ways that this can be done and there are many different devices that can be used to provide this connection. Remember that this is a large park network, not a small office or home network.

Use CISCO Packet Tracer to model the entire WAN connection from Old Faithful to the West Yellowstone PoP. Your model must clearly identify all devices and connection technologies used from Old Faithful Visitor Centre's wired Ethernet connection at one end to up to the PoP router at West Yellowstone.

CISCO Packet Tracer is available as a free download. You have to register as a self study user, which is free. Just follow the link "Enroll to Download Packet Tracer", enroll on the free Introduction to Packet Tracer course and follow the instructions to download packet tracer. This package is straight forward to use, with an intuitive drag and drop interface. The initial CISCO course you enroll on is free and is a good introduction to Packet Tracer. There are plenty of other tutorials on Packet Tracer available on line as well.

For the devices shown in your diagram, specify exactly which product (manufacturer and model number) should be use and explain why this particular device is appropriate for this application. Again remember that this is NOT a home network, so you must specify commercial grade products.

Task 3 - Guideline length 800 words

The connection of all the villages in Yellowstone to the rest of the National Park network will require some changes and updates to the National Park's wider infrastructure services.

Within the National Park Service, each park has its own domain name under the overall nps.gov domain, so Yellowstone will become yelowstone.nps.gov. Yellowstone already have a class C address 194.85.61.x which they have been using anyway and this needs to be integrated into the National Park DNS and addressing scheme.

Explain why the National Park Service will need to update its DNS to accommodate these changes and why no-one outside the National Park Service will need to change their DNS.

In order to keep their administration intranet secure, the national park service want to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Explain how a VPN works in this context, making particular reference to the communications between villages within the Yellowstone National Park.

Task 4 - Guideline length 800 words

As Yellowstone National Park has a number of sites that are geographically dispersed and in some cases in difficult geographical locations they need to have appropriate monitoring in place to keep the network running properly.

Identify one monitoring tool and explain in detail how the National Park Service can use it to:

Monitor the network for connection issues and identify outages.

Monitor the network for performance issue and security breaches.

Produce annual reports for the National Park Trust on the overall performance of the network.

In order to verify this work, you need to provide a signed witness statement. A template is provided below, which you MUST get complete and signed. This MUST be included in your submission document.

Assessment Criteria for Merit


To achieve a Merit all of the Pass criteria need to be met, then the tutor will assess whether you have met the Merit Criteria. Each of the Merit criteria must have been met at least once within the assignment.


The following statements are examples of how a merit may be achieved, if you do meet the Merit Criteria by showing you have reached this level in other ways then credit will be awarded for this. You will need to meet M1, M2, M3 at least once.


Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions.


  • Effective judgements have been made when selecting appropriate solutions.


Select design and apply appropriate methods/techniques

  • A range of credible sources of information have been used to identify appropriate products and solutions
  • Selected solutions make appropriate use of available technologies


Present and Communicate Findings

  • Material is presented in a logical and accurate manner matching the stated requirements for each task.
  • Appropriate levels of material are presented, taking into account the target audience.
  • Some use of referencing is made.


Assessment Criteria for Distinction


To achieve a Distinction you have met all of the Pass and the Merit criteria. Each of the Distinction criteria must be met at least once within the assignment.


The following statements are examples of how a Distinction may be achieved, if you do meet the Distinction Criteria by showing you have reached this level in other ways then credit will be awarded for this. You will need to meet D1,D2,D3 at least once.


Use critical reflection to evaluate your own work & justify valid conclusions

  • Proposals offer clearly justified matches to the requirements, with alternatives being discussed.
  • The work demonstrates a clear understanding of the overall requirements of the client as well as the individual system requirements.


Take responsibility for managing and organising activities.

  • Independent research, outside that provided in course materials, has been utilised to prepare the work
  • Appropriate assumptions are made and justified where detailed scenario information is not available


Demonstrate convergent, lateral & creative thinking.

  • Solutions presented show an innovative approach to network design based on the latest available equipment.
  • A clear understanding of the current trends in WAN Technologies is demonstrated by the specification of systems that will handle future requirements appropriately.








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Wide Area Networking Technologies

Assessment of Yellowstone National Park

Task 1
Task 1.1

In this section, we know that currently, a park is using ADSL. ADSL is nothing but the Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL).ADLS is a Broadband connection (DSL) and ADLS is using for internet connection. In DSL connection, the copper wire connection is used and data are sending over the copper wire connection (POTS) and it differs from the traditional modem lines. ADLS is old technology and copper wire (DSL) are connected to the telephone exchange and office, home and park and data are passed over the copper wire which does not reliable and decreases the speed of data passing and maintenance cost is also high due to unreliable. Instead of ADSL broadband connection, we must use the fiber optic cables which is more reliable and helps to increase the speed of the network and also helps to increase the bandwidth. It is superfast broadband. But the installation cost of the fiber optic broadband is high as compared to the ADSL.ADSL speed is near about 1Mbpsto 40Mbps for consuming for internet access for the email and browsing data over the internet.On the other side, Fiber optic cable has to speed 10Mbps to 200Mbps and fiber broadband has sufficient speed which could fulfill the current client requirements and fiber optic broadband help to access service via offline and cloud.

FTTP (Fiber To The Premises) is nothing but the fiber optic cable, and it is used to access the internet network with the users and the user's groups by using ISP (Internet Service Provider). This is one of the many optical fiber transfer topologies and is also summarized as well. FTTP is using to consume internet access is slower than ADSL. ADSL is a maximum speed to consume internet access for internet browsing and emails.

Here the fiber optic cable is better than copper cables we can say that it is superior to the copper cable in every way.And it is faster than the copper cable and it carriesless interference, more durability, stronger,lighter and higher bandwidth. But copper has been a reliable middle.

Task 1.2

The national park is not satisfied with the current network connection of ADLS. Due to the unreliable network connection and slower speed, a national park is not satisfied with the current connection. Due to an insecure speed of network connection, a client is not satisfied with the slower and unreliable and insecure connection. So network traffic is decreasing .if network traffic is decreasing then network traffic loss the business. To increase the traffic of the national park need to increase the speed of the network. Peoples are visiting to site for booking national park visit but due to solver speed they are missing their customers .so they want to upgrade their network for a more trafficked secure connections. By using a broadband connection, the national parks will able to provide a high network connection to a client, village and their officers. People can able to access the internet over the network with good speed for browsing, video streaming, etc. Another national park administrator would like to use the virtual private network for connecting to staff securely with the network with secure tunnel. Staff can also work outside the office and connect to a server with an encrypted secure connection between the device and network. The national park can also make the promotion of the national park over the internet to increase the network traffic.

To secure your network connection so first afoul we can identify the target by using the "network traffic generator in the device". Then apply the hostname or we can say the IP address of the system. Then you would like to send the traffic networks with the Perform internet network. After that we have to test the performance of the network connection so, firstly set the size of the package and also set the circuit bandwidth percentage to the load casually create the information on the WAN(Wide Area Network). After that the testing network the network is used to set the active performance to the load balancing of the network for that, we can check and see the performance of the network with the help of TCP packets or UDP under the network traffic load condition. In this report, we have used the WAN (Wide Area Network) application that performs the internet connection by using the WAN. It handles the testing traffic network and also loads the balancing of the network.

Here we have studied various network traffic and we have generated network traffic such as Email, web browsing, etc.

Here, email is the network traffic generator and there are many activities are used to generates the network traffic.
• Backup and recovery
• Use many message tracking logs
• Archiving solutions
Here wegenerate the network traffic, first of all, send the messages with the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). On this way to full the mailboxes, a number of people used email and then it provides and generates the network traffic. The person can send the email then varying the rates of emails then it automatically generates the email network traffic.

Task 1.3

After providing the high-speed connection and make advertising of the national park, it will increase the more trafficked over overt the network. It is good for a national park to achieve more trafficked but the administration will worry about the security of the system. More network traffic could create malicious attract and try to destroy sensitive data. We know that attacker attacks on the system increase the risk and this will happen due to weak security. So it is mandatory to provide security over the network. There are two type attacks which are performed by the attackers that are internal attack and external attack administrator want to connect devices to the network with a secure connection. So we can use a VPN connection to connect to the device to the national park network. VPN provide an encrypted secure connection between the device and network which called a tunnel and VPN helps to connect to the devices remotely with a secure connection. It is necessary to protect a system from the unauthorized user .we have to provide the security to a system so only authorized users can access the system.DNS also helps to provide security. Devices of the offices should be free from the malicious file and viruses so we should use the antivirus tool and another security tool.

To secure the park network service, which is the network is accessible for protecting the selected work, it attacks the network in the devices which is internal and external organization. The user system has the solution point to secure the device with the protection. However, move towards the convergence, by using the network as a connected user that can attack the system network. These are very particular requirements, to protect the system and the application. As the traffic network is must secure for the network, we are avoiding the not use data and threats, for example, private information in the system.

Here the firewall is used to protect the network security system which controls outgoing, incoming network traffic and monitors network traffic that is based on the predetermined security rules. Also, a network security system decides whether to block and allows specific traffic that is based on the defined set of security rules. Here, the firewall is nothing but the network security system. And this is established barriers with the untrusted external network and trusted internal network and they are as the internet. Firewall can be software, hardware and something both.

There are five types of the firewall such as:
1. Proxy firewall
2. Stateful inspection firewall
3. NGFW (Next-generation firewall)
4. UTM (Unified threat management firewall)
5. Threat-focused NGFW

Task 1.4

We know that confidential data is a very important asset for any organization. So confidential communication over the network protects the data from the loss. Security is a very important aspect of any organization. The risk will be increased due to weak security and it will crash the current network .if we will not make the secure network then it will convert into risk and loss. So we have to use a method to make a connection secure and reliable. Here we can use the Virtual private network method to make security to a remote access device.VPN helps to access the devices or applications remotely by a secure VPN tunnel. Administration can also use the policy methods which help to protect the system from unauthorized use by a security policy. Secure group policy is helping to access the system from the user group only. An administrator can access anything over the network. While other authorized users can access limited resources due to limited rights.VPN technology makes data communication more secure and reliable over the network. Another thing we need to keep the system protects from the attackers so we must use the IDS system. IDS a

For the organization, security is important to secure the data properly. The risk is higher because the security is weak then the data is not secure for that strong security is most important. If the data or the network is not secure then the network is converted in the loss or we can say risk. Hence we have to use the VPN technique to secure the network and it is reliable.

The remote access version is the example of a VPN.

Here the VPN is used to protect the information that sends with your mobile or laptop over the internet. Essentially, VPN creates the type of tunnel which prevents the snoopers, ISPs and hackers from looking atyour instant browsing, messages, downloads, history, credit card information which you send with the internet over the network. You can protect yourself with the VPN or we can use a VPN to protect yourself.

VPN provides many things such as:

Security:Here the VPN provides security and VPN encrypts the user web session. This is used to create each and every website just as a secure financial site and bank or etc.

Bandwidth compress: it is used to compresses all traffic on the server it is used before sending any data to you. And it is allowed to access the data.

Access: to access data, various companies can imposemany restrictions when the user can use their services.

Task 2

Task 2.1
In this task, we have studied the Cisco packet tracer for designing the network diagram. There are different types of switches and router are available and I can see there is a different type of cables are also available. Cisco packet tracker is a very useful tool for the network design and configuration of the devices. Here we can drag and drop the devices and Cisco provides the graphical user interface and it is a user-friendly tool. In this diagram, we have used the fiber optic cables because it increases the performance and speed of the network. And it will increase the speed of the network and carry more information over the network and helps to increase the traffic. Fiber optic cable passes the data between the device and network.It helps to increase the bandwidth for the given network. Here, we have used the switches, routers that are connected with the fiber optic cables. Also, it provides a secure connection between the device and the network. It is developed the overall network with the security. In this design, there are many routers, PCs, and switches are interconnected with the fiber optic cables because it helps to provide network security over the network. In this design, there are many connections are available because this connection increases the speed of the network and secure the network with the help of Cisco packet tracer.

Task 2.2
In the above network design, you can see that there are different network devices that are connected to each other by cables. Here I have used the router. A router is a network device that helps to forward the data between the networks. A router helps to traffic routing function on the internet. A packet is passed from one router to another router over the network and forwards the packet from source to destination until they reach (Cisco Packet Tracer.2019). Another thing is fiber optic cable which helps to increase the speed of the network. A national park is not satisfied with the current network connection of ADLS. Due to the unreliable network connection and slower speed, a national park is not satisfied with the current connection. So fiber optic connection helps to increase the speed of the network and provide reliable access to the network.

In the network design, the system is connected to the network and here we can use the connection system is the router. The router is useful for traffic routing on the network. And it helps to connect the network from a single router to another router. The network package is delivered through the router network. That is the network is a forward package as of the source to the purpose of the network. The router is very useful for the system to connect the system and the connection to each other by cables.
Here, the Cisco packet tracer

Task 3

Task 3.1
DNS is nothing but Domain name server. DNS helps to match the domain name with its appropriate IP addresses. When you enter the domain name in any browser system contacts to the current domain name server and check the address (IP) is related with a name of a domain. DNS is used as an internet service provider. DNS work in the background and changing the readable site name into a system-readable IP address. For example, consider website URL www.howtogeek.com is converted into a numerical IP address like So we do not need to remember these numerical IP address for each website. The DNS server does behave in a different way in terms of security and speed. There is a IPv4 DNS server. Here, the System cache domain name server locally so DNS request no need to connect particular domain for every time which we have already visited. Domain name system setting all access point like a laptop, phone or router are getaways for the web and other resources and it helps to change easily to remind domain into IP address just like contact app changes into a phone number. You can update DNS with national park devices and make it faster and increase the security of internet connection for making internet connection better national parks need to change the DNS and develop the trusted connection for our client. Changing DNS and set up over the network is a complex thing. We can use a third party app for changing DNS which is required to generate the VPN layer. The national park needs to change the DNS after an upgrade the current network system and changing ADLS to fiber optic broadband connection which helps to increase speed, privacy, security, and reliability. Here we need to change the DNS with an encrypted system (DNS). It helps to load the balance of technical work and increase security. There is no need to change the DNS outside the national park because changing DNS on the DNS server helps to increase the security if the system also helps to increase the security of internet connection. We can increase the reliability and speed through a switching server (DNS) and you can also customize. In customization, national parks can unblock websites and also do the block by Internet Service Provider. In our national park, we are going to use fiber optic broadband instead of ADSL broadband which increases the speed of the internet. Fiber optic broadband increases the speed of the internet and information is passed through the fiber optic cable in the form of light but speed will be affected with long distance.DNS server is far away from an access point then it will impact the speed of browsing.

If you change the DNS (Domain Name System) server at any time, but generally too low. At this campaign, servers around the world are updating the server cache. This can cause randomly up and down on your site for various people for the first 24 hours. Consider DNS as a Zip Code. If you do not have a PIN code on your mail, you do not know where to send it to the post office. If the server does not have DNS, then they are the same as the domain that does not know how to send your request to the server.All the register have various techniques to change DNS servers, but generally, this is complete in the same way. They can receive id and the name of the server to must have to change the domain.

Here the domain name system (DNS) server can change it that it takes and then complete the 12-24 hoursbut normally this is less time. The server can cause your site at the time of updating its cache. And it causes your site to up down in 24 hours at different times for the different people. All the register has various procedures for the changing domain DNS server. Then they provide you with the server name, you need to change the domain and then fill your domain name.

Task 3.2

Here we have seen that ADLS is slowing down the speed of internet connection so we are upgrading it to fiber optic broadband connection which increases the speed and reliability for the national park. Now another important thing is security so national park wants to use the VPN which is nothing but the virtual private network. VPN helps to communicate securely by an encrypted link between device and network. VPN also helps to ensure data should be transmitted safely over the network. It avoids u authorize the user in the traffic and connect people securely over the network. In our national park ADSL does not provide a virtual private network helps to extend the park network through a secure connection over the network. It also helps to monitor and control the traffic over the network (VPN Beginner's Guide.2018). All the traffic is encrypted among the devices and computer networks. So traffic becomes private. Virtual private network proved strong security so national park staff can work outside the office with safely connect t to the park network. They can also use the virtual private network for connecting smartphones and tablets to the server. Here VPN also helps to access the system remotely from outside the national park and connect the user and device securely and remotely to the national park network. In windows operating system we can see there the VPN option which helps to connect network devices securely through VPN connection. VPN technology first checks whether the device fulfills or changes the requirement which is called a device posture before remotely connect the device through a VPN. Fiber optic broadband increase the traffic over the network and virtual private network helps to encrypt the traffic and make a secure connection. Virtual network connected securely over I internet which is called a tunnel. And all the devices are connected and pass the data securely through this tunnel. Every time VPN check a certain posture before connecting the device to a virtual private network and make the remote connection more secure. Here VPN helps to communicate all the villages securely within the Yellowstone national park. Virtual private network assists to access the server database securely outside the network for the maintenance purpose. Due to a secure tunnel or virtual private network corporate business mostly prefer VPN network. A virtual privet network also provides privacy and reliability of secure connection over the network. A virtual private network fulfills the requirement of administration of a national park and makes the internet secure.

VPN has two types: Remote access and site-to-site. The site will be used to connect binary local area networks with an encrypted feature. VPNs can be used because remote access is more demanding, which can be used to access corporate sources through the convenience of their hotel room with a road warrior with a notebook computer.

Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is nothing but theVPN protocol that can be used by using the VPN type however, it is the main point that is outdated also it is secure for the network.

VPNs are commonly based on IPSec (internet protocol security). whereas such PPTP and L2TP are operated with the data link layer such as layer 2 of the OSI model. This OSI operates with the (layer 2) network layer.

Task 4

Task 4.1
In this assignment, the network is most important and for that, the protocol is very useful to analyze the network.Wireshark is very useful;Wireshark is nothing but an open source and free source network protocol. It is used to analyze the usernetwork that is interactive with the browse the information traffic to analyses the data on the computer network.Some of the developersare around throughout the whole world, which has contributed to the project by using the troubleshooting, network analysis, communication protocols and also computer network analysis. This is very useful for the network for the company,industry and educational organizations.

Wireshark is helped to manage and it is a network sniffer.There is a lot of requests sent to the server and there is some request which not valid i.e. malicious.In Wire shark, we can identify the different packet for a different type of protocol and completely watch the flow of the network.Here we can use because security tool which is reliable and easy to use.Snort is another tool which uses for network security. It helps to secure and serving as per the NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection System), snorts are nothing but the sniffer and it has many operating modes. We have to run and analyses the network by using the IP protocol that can allow testing of the traffic network.Snort is available for Windows and open source operating system. Because helps to identify the vulnerabilities. Using Nessus we can create the security policy which is very easy and just a few clicks start to scan complete national park network. Nessus provides advanced protection. Nessus is cost effective and provides a complex network scan at a low price. Nessusidentify all vulnerabilities in the high-speed network and provide accurate scanning. It also helps to scale and grow the business safely. Nessus helps to identify all the network issues of the national park network.Nessus also give the report of the all the scan which help to analysis and create the plan for future strategy. Nessus will help to decision making create the policy and strategy for the future plan to provide strong security for the national park network and provide reliable access.

Network monitoring
Network monitoring is helpful for the systems that monitor computer networks for slow or failed factors and indicates network administrators with outages or other issues. Network Monitoring is based on network management and it is part of the network management.

Here the network monitoring is carried with the tool and software application and it is used to detect the web server. Network monitoring services are helping to detect and monitor the web server that isconnected to the networks properly. In the network monitoring, there are a number of the server that performs the functioning of the network to provides the complete visualization of the networks and the internet.

Task 4.2.
Network monitoring is helpful for the system to monitors the network and it is very useful for the system to the network of the system. It helps the computer network system for failing or slow components. It informs the admin network through the SMS, Emails. Network monitoring is the portion of the network management system. "Intrusion detection system" is helpful for monitoring the network, the network monitoring is the system network monitor for issues and many problems intended by the crashed servers or overloaded, computer network connections also another system. Network monitoring is the routine of the network uplink, this is called "network traffic measurement".

Nessus is a more reliable and secure tool that helps to secure and helps to accurate scan. We know that if there are vulnerabilities and malicious threads in the network then it will be converted into the risk and risk finally converted into money loss. If the network is not secure then the bandwidth and speed of the network will be decreased and it will make network unreliable and decrease the performance of the network should be reliable and flexible which is a help to increase the network performance. Nesses are security auditing packages to secure the network on the computer system. If you are an admin in charge of any computer (or computer group) connected to the Internet, hacks and viruses usually try to exploit, help to keep their domains easy to keep free of vulnerability. Here Nessus helps to identify the vulnerabilities and thread from the network which remove the thread from the network .we can increasethe performance of the network by accusing scan and create the policy for the scan which is helping to increase the performance of the network. Nessus provides advanced protection.Nessus is cost effective and provides a complex network scan at a low price. Nessus identify all vulnerabilities in the high-speed network and provide accurate scanning. It also helps to scale and grow the business safely. Nessus is a high-security tool and available at a minimum price. It is easy to handle and monitor any of the networks. So Nessus will help to decision making create the policy and strategy for the future plan to provide strong security for the national park network and provide reliable access. If we identify the more threads means we are decreasing the risk and increasing the security and it also increases the performance and speed by avoiding unwanted traffic.

Task 4.3
Network performance is very in each month as traffic increases. Traffic will be varying as per the performance of the network. Security is another factor that is more impact on the performance of the network.Report on the performance we can create by the end of the year or we can estimate the performance of the network by using security policy and we can predict perform for annual. We can also use another tool to check the performance of the network and we can also check the performance of the site. To increase the traffic we need digital marketing where we can do search engine optimization which is helping to increase the ranking of the site. If the user is able to search your site then more customers will visit the site and increase the performance of the network. To test the performance we need heavy traffic. Report on the performance help to identify the performance of each month and we will get the clear goal of the performance for the network.Nessus network is very easy to understand and it is helping us to identify the weak point of the network. Nessus is a very significant tool for network security and it is allowed to identify all the vulnerabilities (access on 8 Jan 2019) which the helps hackers to access the remote computer and control the sensitive data .it is also avoid the miss- configuration. Nessus also help to increase performance by avoiding the attack. We can also increase security by Nessus security policy. It also helps to avoid the denial of service attacks and protect the system (GreekforGreek.2018).DNS also helps to create a PCI audit which assists to increase the performance of the networks. Below we can see the Nessus performance report which is easy to understand and we can clear the network performance issue and avoid the issue related to the performance.